Cage Gear: Cub Swanson Gear

Killer Cub: Cub Swanson Gear

cub swanson gear

from @virusintl instagram

BUY on VIRUS: $24.00

Cub Swanson is one of my favourite fighters. His creative striking, his gritty fights, and his never die attitude. He’ll land everything from capoeira kicks to spinning back fists. Unfortunately, he couldn’t ever find his footing while in WEC. Now in the UFC, he’s putting a string of wins together and is definitely in position to make another run for the belt.

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Cage Gear: GSP Biography

GSP Biograpy: The Way of the Fight

BUY on AMZN: $11.11

Georges St Pierre is one of the greatest MMA fighters of all time. From 2007 to 2013, the UFC Welterweight Division was likely the most talented and toughest division in the entire promotion. And GSP sat as the undefeated champion.

The Way of the Fight comes out a year before his documentary Takedown: The DNA of GSP. Both auto-biography and documentary cover his childhood, his training, and his rise to greatness. They both also cover his devastating injury and gruelling path to recovery.

For fight fans and fighters, both The Way of the Fight and Takedown contain some treasures of how to become great. Lessons that are applicable not only to MMA but to almost everything.

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Cage Gear: Joanna Jedrzejczyk BLACKROLL BOX

BLACKROLL BOX For Joanna Champion

joanna jedrzejczyk blackroll box

from @joannajedrzejczyk instagram



Recovery and muscle health are important aspects of a person’s well being. Not something just for athletes, muscle health is relevant to everyone. BLACKROLL is a German brand of muscle relief and massage rollers and balls that help with this.

The BLACKROLL Box includes a standard foam roller, a mini foam roller, a dual ball, and a massage ball. These pieces provide targeted and focused pressure on specific parts of the body in order to facilitate muscle recovery through improved blood circulation.

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Cage Gear: Killashaw Shirt

Killashaw Shirt: From Duane Bang Muay Thai

killashaw shirt

from @iamtheimmortal instagram


TJ Dillashaw is the next challenger for the UFC Bantamweight Champion. The former champion was dethroned in a close fight against Dominick Cruz. Cruz in turn was defeated in an incredible fight by Cody Garbrandt.

Now the two bantamweight champions will meet in the finale of their Ultimate Fighter Season. A highly anticipated match between two of the most exciting and dynamic fighters in the game.

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Cage Gear: Nate Diaz RVCA Tank

Nate Diaz RVCA Tank

nate diaz rvca tank

from @natediaz209 instagram

BUY on AMZN: $22.95

Nate Diaz hanging out at Makaha Beach. Given the amount of tough work Nate and Nick have put into the sport, they deserve to relax and enjoy their hard earned money. Here this Nate Diaz RVCA Tank is the RVCA Dealer li Tank Top. It’s made of nylon with wide cell mesh and block paneling. Available in both White and Red.

As the fight world waits eagerly for Nate and Nick to announce their next fight. We see they on their instagram accounts that they are hanging out with celebrities, attending Bellator events, and chilling at the beach! I hope these guys know how much suspense they are keeping the fight world in! Don’t worry, I’m not frustrated at all.

In the mean time, if any of you fight fans out there find you need some good beach wear, I suggest the Nate Diaz RVCA tank.

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Cage Gear: Dillon Danis Tiger Jacket

Dillon Danis Tiger Jacket from GUCCI

dillon danis tiger jacket

from @dillondanis instagram

BUY at GUCCI: $1,490

The fast talking, sharp dressing BJJ super star continues to lead the fight world in style. Rocking his GUCCI Bengal Print Windbreaker. Just chillin, like a villain if I might add.

As the BJJ talent continues to prepare for the ADCCs, we are all looking forward to his MMA debut. With his brash attitude, Dillon Danis has garnered his fair share of believers and haters.

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Cage Gear: Chael Sonnen American Gangster Shirt

Chael Sonnen American Gangster Shirt from Torque

chael sonnen american gangster shirt

from @bellatormma instagram

BUY at TORQUE: $9.99

Chael Sonnen will go down in MMA history as one of the best smack talkers and fight promoters. He talked himself into two title fights against Anderson Silva. Then talked his way into a season of Ultimate Fighter and a title fight against Jon Jones. Even if we don’t appreciate Chael Sonnen for his talents in the cage. Fight fans definitely appreciate him for his entertaining press conferences that are often mixed with a little dose of honesty and a lot of sarcasm and humour.

In one of his most brilliant promotional lines, Chael Sonnen refers to himself as an American Gangster. As far as I know, Chael Sonnen is nothing close to what we would popularly stereotype as an American Gangster. Especially after the phenomenal movie with Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe.

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Cage Gear: Shinya Aoki iPood Shirt

Shinya Aoki iPood Shirt

shinya aoki ipood shirt

from @shinya050983 instagram

BUY on AMZN: $11.99

Shinya Aoki is up to his tricks and humour again. The grappling wizard showing the fight world a lighter side. Shinya Aoki iPood Shirt is a simple play on the Apple branding, bringing both a smile and a roll eyes reaction.

The former Dream Lightweight Champion recently suffered a loss to the tough Eduard Folayang at ONE FC. ONE FC is based out of Singapore and Shinya was one of the first big name fighters to join the team. Along with other strong names like Ben Askren, Rich Franklin, Bibiano Fernandes, Jens Pulver and Brandon Vera, Shinya Aokia is building a formidable presence in the Asia MMA market.

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Cage Gear: Felice Herrig Marvel Tank

Felice Herrig Marvel Tank

Felice Herrig marvel tank

from @feliceherrig instagram

BUY at TARGET: $12.99

Felice Herrig is a seasoned veteran of the sport with much more to go. With her recent win over Alexa Grasso, she is looking to face Justine Kish in June 2017. Fight fans love Felice not just for her performances in the cage, but also for her light hearted, enthusiastic, and somewhat zany personality.

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Cage Gear: Roy Nelson Pig Shirt

Roy Nelson Pig Shirt: Hog Car Tours

roy nelson pig shirt

from @roynelsonufc instagram

BUY at HOG CAR TOURS: $24.99

At UFC on Fox Kansas City, Roy Nelson lost a decision against Alexander Volkov. Roy Nelson has proved himself in the cage as far as I’m concerned. What caught my eye however was that he was wearing a “I Beat Anorexia” shirt with a cool looking pig on it. The Roy Nelson pig shirt is actually from his Las Vegas tour business, Hog Car Tours.

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