Tim Elliott vs Louis Smolka, UFC on Fox, 15 April 2017
Fight of the Night

tim elliott vs louis smolkaFlyweight division fighters are able to do things that no other division can do. It takes the speed of the lightweight division and multiplies it by 10. Watching Tim Elliott vs Louis Smolka was like watching two wasps dancing back and forth. An action packed fight with ferocious scrambling. An exciting matchup that only these two talented and well conditioned grapplers could give.

Louis Smolka came in to the UFC as a talented grappler. Along with Kailin Curran and Max Holloway, Louis Smolka represents the Hawaiin warrior spirit. Finding early success in his UFC career, it seems that Louis Smolka has trouble in trying to break through into the upper echelon of the division. Losing to Chris Cariaso, Ray Borg, and now Tim Elliott. Louis Smolka has some serious skills on the ground, but he might not be able to reach his full potential if he keeps getting knocked out or tapped out.

Tim Elliott on the other hand is a veteran of the sport. He was in the UFC before and was cut after losing 3 straight fights to the top fighters in the weight class. Joseph Benavidez, Ali Bagautinov, and Zach Makovsky. After a stint at Titan FC, he came back to the UFC by winning season 24 of TUF. As the winner, he got an immediate fight with Demetrious Johnson for the UFC Flyweight title.

Previously Tim Elliott was one of those names where you have heard of but can’t associate any fights. Tim Elliott won me over with his fight against Demetrious Johnson. Although the champion shut down Tim Elliott’s game. And perhaps an excuse can be made for Tim Elliott in having a bad weight cut. But Tim Elliott gave Demetrious Johnson a run for his money. It was the closest the champ had ever come to being finished. Coming from an underdog fighter that the entire fight world wrote off.

I’m looking forward to what Tim Elliott can do in the future and hope he fights his way back to a title shot. In the mean time, Tim Elliott vs Louis Smolka is a fantastic grapplers fight. With exciting scrambles and impossible twists and turns. Tim Elliott spent the entire time taking Louis Smolka down. But with every takedown, Smolka was able to reverse the position or escape from mount. Both fighters reaching deep in their gas tanks. A fast paced fight of the night winner

Tim Elliott vs Louis Smolka full fight video