The Anderson Silva Documentary – Like Water

Anderson Silva is widely considered one of the greatest fighters in MMA history. He was the UFC Middleweight King from October 2006 to July 2013. He defended his title a record 13 times. Before the UFC, Anderson Silva was the Cage Rage Middleweight Champion, a title he earned in September 2004. Anderson Silva may very well be the best middleweight MMA champion because he was the only MMA middleweight champion!

But to me, Anderson Silva is a bit of a waste of talent. He was a really good fighter in a really talent dry division. It’s a shame that now we have an almost-40 year old Anderson Silva who has suffered a devastating leg injury at the hands of Chris Weidman. We never really got to see Anderson Silva put his talent to the test and fight some MMA legends.

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Fight fans will say that it is incredibly difficult to earn the belt, and even more difficult to keep it.

Fight fans will reference the incredible performances Anderson Silva has in the cage. And I agree! His fights are nothing short of spectacular. Anderson Silva in the cage was like magic. His Muay Thai technique was so on point and his striking so accurate. His movement was so elusive, he frustrated fighters when they couldn’t hit him. Lastly Anderson’s playful character showed itself in the cage with childlike antics and border-line annoying teasing. It seemed like this goofball couldn’t get deliver a serious hit.

But it’s this goofball that delivered memorable performances such as his comebacks against Dan Henderson and Chael Sonnen. His legendary knockout of Vitor Belfort. His cage teasing of Demian Maia. His destruction of Rich Franklin and Travis Lutter. His no-mas inducing performance against Forrest Griffin. He makes fighting at the highest level look incredibly easy.

But as a fight fan, I would have loved to see an Anderson Silva vs Chuck Liddell. Anderson Silva vs Tito Ortiz. Anderson Silva vs. Jon Jones. Anderson Silva vs CroCop. Legends versus legends. Putting the best of the best in the cage together. The above mentioned wouldn’t be too outrageous as light heavyweight bouts either.

Either way, today we look back at the life and times of one of the greatest MMA fighters of all time through his documentary. Anderson Silva documentary – Like Water.

This documentary looks at how Anderson started in MMA, his childhood, his training at Chute Boxe, and his legendary performances in the UFC. The documentary also follows Anderson Silva in his preparation against Chael Sonnen and ends with his jaw dropping comeback in the fifth round.

Enjoy the Anderson Silva Documentary – Like Water here.

Anderson Silva Documentary – Like Water