Big Foot Silva vs Alistair Overeem, UFC 156, 2 February 2013

big foot silva vs alistair overeemBig Foot Silva vs Alistair Overeem was presented as the UFC Heavyweight title eliminator. The winner of this fight would challenge Cain Velasquez for the UFC Heavyweight Championship.

As you watch this fight, you can tell, quite clearly, that Alistair Overeem is the better fighter with excellent striking and superior strength. However as the fight continues, Overeems hubris provides Big Foot Silva with perfect opportunities to take the victory.

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Big Foot Silva vs Alistair Overeem was Overeem’s second fight in the UFC. Alistair Overeem came to the UFC as the Strikeforce Heavyweight Champion, Dream Heavyweight Champion, and K-1 2010 Champion. He also has a long history of fighting in Pride although his career at the Japanese promotion was volatile.

In 2003, as a young middleweight, Alistair Overeem fought and lost to Chuck Liddell in the famous UFC vs Pride campaign. This was the campaign where Dana White tried to promote a fight between the best of UFC and the best of Pride. At the time this would have been Chuck Liddell vs Wanderlei Silva. This fight didn’t actually get to happen until 2007. However Chuck Liddell did fly over to Japan in 2003 to compete in the Middleweight Grand Prix where he met and defeated Overeem.

Since then, Alistair Overeem went up to heavyweight and has become one scary fighter. His Dutch Kick Boxing background makes him one of the best strikers in MMA. He used to train out of Golden Glory and is used to training the hard and ferocious Dutch Kick Boxing style here fighters will usually go all out in practice and sparring. In his kick boxing career, he has faced and defeated other incredibly talented fighters such as Badr Hari, Peter Aerts, Tyrone Spong, and Gokhan Saki. The win against Saki may not be counted as Saki went into the fight with a broken arm.

In addition to his phenomenal kick boxing background, Overeem also has a towering muscular physique that is nothing short of intimidating. In 2009 or 2010, he released videos of himself doing strongman training in order to build mass as well as strength. Links to the videos here Overeem strongman training 1 and Overeem strongman training 2.

In the UFC, Overeem has come to be known for his vicious knees in the Thai clinch. He has defeated incredible fighters with these knees including Kazuyuki Fujita, Paul Buentello, Sergei Kharitonov, and most famously, Brock Lesnar.

Going into Big Foot Silva vs Alistair Overeem, fight fans and fight critics all believed that Alistair Overeem would keep the fight standing with his superior strength and win with his superior striking.

Knowing Big Foot Silva, we should never count him out of a fight. His wins against Mike Kyle, Andre Arlovski and Fedor Emelianenko in Strikeforce were all quite unexpected. Upon going to the UFC, his win against Travis Browne was also quite unexpected.

Against the face of danger, Big Foot Silva has always found a way to prevail.

Big Foot Silva vs Alistair Overeem is one of my favourite fights. Not only am I an Overeem fan, I also love a great show of technique inside the cage, as well as an awesome comeback-story fight.

In the first round of the right, Alistair’s technique was on full display and you could clearly see that Overeems technique and striking was far far superior compared to Big Foot Silva. However Big Foot Silva had a smart game plan. He was waiting to outlast Overeem and allow Overeem’s pride to cannibalize him. This strategy worked.

By the beginning of the third round, Overeem was so confident in himself that he rushed right towards Big Foot. Big Foot caught him coming in with a beautiful beautiful combination. Planting a perfectly placed (but not powerful) right-left-right combination punctuated with a right head kick. Big Foot had Overeem stunned and on the run. Once Big Foot had Overeem trapped against the cage, it was the beginning of the end and one of the most incredible upset victories in the UFC.

Please enjoy Big Foot Silva vs Alistair Overeem below.

Big Foot Silva vs Alistair Overeem full fight video