BJ Penn vs Diego Sanchez, UFC 107, 12 December 2009

bj penn vs diego sanchez

BJ Penn vs Diego Sanchez is a fight fan’s ultimate fantasy. Both BJ Penn and Diego Sanchez are owners of epic battles that will forever be considered the best of the best of MMA. BJ Penn was the former UFC Lightweight and Welterweight Champions. In this fight, Diego Sanchez is challenging for the Lightweight title. The result is BJ Penn vs Diego Sanchez, an all out war between two of MMA’s last action heroes.

BJ Penn is widely considered one of the greatest MMA fighters of all time. He is one of the only fighters in the UFC to hold titles in two different weight classes. However what sets BJ Penn apart in this statistic is that BJ Penn went up in weight instead of down. BJ Penn initially started in the UFC as a lightweight fighter. He moved up to the welterweight division to successfully defeat Matt Hughes for the Welterweight Championship in 2004.

In 2008, BJ Penn defeated Joe Stevenson in one of the bloodiest MMA fights I have ever seen to win the vacant UFC Lightweight Championship. Coming into the Diego Sanchez fight, BJ Penn is virtually undefeated in the lightweight division. His only loss coming from his fourth MMA fight against Jens Pulver. BJ Penn vs Diego Sanchez will be BJ Penns’ third defense of the lightweight championship. His previous two successful defenses was a TKO win over Sean Sherk and a submission of Kenny Florian.

Diego Sanchez earned a shot at the title after his Fight of the Year performance against Clay Guida. Diego Sanchez is riding a four fight win streak with wins over David Bielkheden, Luigi Fioravanti, Joe Stevenson, and Clay Guida.

At this point in their careers, BJ Penn and Diego Sanchez have established themselves as warriors with a never ending passion for their craft. MMA fight fans can’t wait for this fight because of this reputation. We know and love these fighters because we hope that some part of us loves something as much as these guys love fighting. Fighting is in their blood, it is all they want to do and it is all they know how to do.

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