Javier Mendez, Daniel Cormier, and Bob Cook With AKA Affliction Shirts

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Two proud coaches and their current Light Heavyweight Champion and team captain Daniel Cormier rocking AKA Affliction shirts.
The American Kickboxing Academy has produced some of MMAs toughest and most accomplished fighters. Starting with an earlier generation of top fighters in Frank Shamrock, Josh Koscheck, and Jon Fitch. Coached by the phenomenal team of Javier Mendez, Bob Cook, and Dave Camarillo. Although these fighters were never champions in the UFC they put AKA on the map as one of the best MMA gyms in the US.

Around 2012, there was a huge riff between the fighters and the coaches at AKA resulting in Josh Koscheck and Dave Camarillo leaving AKA. The drama and the resulting feud only served to bring more attention and publicity to the gym. Many members of the fight world questioned AKA and whether they would be able to survive without Guerilla Jiu Jitsu founder and grappling coach Dave Camarillo.

Owner Javier Mendez however saw it as a good opportunity to redefine AKA and fill the vacancies with new talent. In came a new era of fighters in Cain Velasquez, Josh Thompson, Luke Rockhold, and Daniel Cormier. With the addition of Khabib Nurmagomedov, AKA has a truly elite killer squad on their hands.

Although recently, it seemed that injuries have plagued the fighters resulting in the ability to compete. Cain Velasquez, one of the most exciting Heavyweight fighters of all time has been sidelined due to injury and has only fought 4 times in the last 4 years. Additional injuries to Daniel Cormier and Luke Rockhold cast a shadow of doubt on whether AKA sparring practices force the fighters to go too hard and leave openings for injury. Javier Mendez address those concerns in a Reddit AMA he did in the beginning of June 2017. 

As fight fans, we continue to celebrate the excellence coming out of the AKA gym. We can’t wait to see their top fighters back in the cage. The next fight we are looking forward to is Daniel Cormier defending his belt against Jon Jones.

Here we have Javier Mendez rocking the AKA affliction shirt available on Amazon. Daniel Cormier in the middle is rocking a “Shut Up and Train” shirt available at the AKA store. Crazy Bob Cook has an awesome Affliction shirt on as well but I can’t seem to find a link to buy it. If you have one please let me know. It looks like a damned awesome shirt.

aka affliction shirt