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chael sonnen american gangster shirt

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Chael Sonnen will go down in MMA history as one of the best smack talkers and fight promoters. He talked himself into two title fights against Anderson Silva. Then talked his way into a season of Ultimate Fighter and a title fight against Jon Jones. Even if we don’t appreciate Chael Sonnen for his talents in the cage. Fight fans definitely appreciate him for his entertaining press conferences that are often mixed with a little dose of honesty and a lot of sarcasm and humour.

In one of his most brilliant promotional lines, Chael Sonnen refers to himself as an American Gangster. As far as I know, Chael Sonnen is nothing close to what we would popularly stereotype as an American Gangster. Especially after the phenomenal movie with Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe.

Chael Sonnen was born and raised in West Linn Oregon. He comes from a middle to upper-middle class background. He went to a good school, had a normal wrestler athlete upbringing. He owns a few businesses and ran for Oregon Stage Representative. He coaches wrestling and is a brilliant motivational speaker. There is hardly anything “Gangster” about him.

Yet as fight fans we show our appreciation for Chael’s talents. I especially liked the poem he wrote to Brock Lesnar, threatening the 300 pound former UFC Heavyweight Champion that he would take the sword tattooed on Brock’s chest and stick it in his head.

The Chael Sonnen American Gangster shirt is an homage to his marketing genius. Fight fans can show their allegiance and respect for the original American Gangster.