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chuck liddell sleeveless hoodie

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Chuck Liddell was on his way to become an accountant. After graduating from California State Polytechnic University with a degree in accounting, Chuck Liddell was about to embark on his career as a number cruncher and bean counter.

Fortunate for us, he never quit wrestling and never quit karate. Growing up in Santa Barbara, Chuck Liddell developed a passion for boxing, karate, and wrestling. His toughness built from those sport as well as playing high school football.

I often try and imagine Chuck Liddell sitting in his accounting classes. Learning T charts, debits, credits, and how to properly manage a cash flow statement. With his mohawk and skull tattoo, the picture just doesn’t sit quite right.

The UFC owe Chuck Liddell a huge debt as Chuck Liddell owes the UFC. In the early days of the promotion, the UFC used Chuck Liddell as their poster boy. Flaunting that they had the best fighter in the western hemisphere. While Pride FC boasted that they had the best fighter in Wanderlei Silva in the eastern hemisphere.

Dana White and Chuck Liddell even travelled to Japan to enter Chuck Liddell in the 2003 Pride Middleweight Grand Prix. The same event that Alistair Overeem, Rampage Jackson, Murilo Bustamante, Wanderlei Silva, and Kazushi Sakuraba were in. The plan was for Dana White to build the UFC promotion by having Chuck Liddell enter the tournament and beat all of Pride FCs best fighters. Eventually having Chuck Liddell meet Wanderlei Silva in the finals and coming out victorious. Claiming the UFC to be the best promotion in the world with the best fighter in the world.

Unfortunately, Dana White’s plans did not come to fruition. Chuck Liddell met Alistair Overeem in the first round of the tournament and went through a tough fight. He was being out-struck by the Dutch Kickboxing based Alistair Overeem. Chuck Liddell was lucky and landed his signature overhand right. In the second round of the tournament, a very beat-up Chuck Liddell faced the heavy hitting Rampage Jackson. Although Chuck Liddell was besting Rampage in the first round, the Japanese fan favourite fighter landed a couple heavy strikes to knock Chuck Liddell in the second round.

Chuck Liddell later faced Wanderlei Silva in 2007 when the UFC bought Pride and absorbed all the legendary Pride FC fighters.

Roots of Fight is celebrating Chuck Liddell and his achievements in the sport with his very own line of shirts. Paying homage to one of the fighters that helped build the UFC and the sport of MMA. The Roots of Fight Chuck Liddell Sleeveless Hoodie is cotton and is washed for a wore look and feel.