Conor McGregor Fan Shirt: Fook You

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Within the last few years, Conor McGregor has rocketed himself to become the highest paid and most recognized MMA fighter. At one point he held both the UFC Featherweight title and the UFC Lightweight title. Two of the toughest divisions in MMA.¬†Conor McGregor was able to accomplish this with his special ability to talk smack and actually back it up. Taking a page right out of Chael Sonnen’s playbook, Conor McGregor would use stinging insults and foolish behaviour to win fans. Not to mention getting into his opponents head which is now an essential part of top tier MMA.

Despite Conor’s capable and creative smack talking, he met his match with Nate Diaz. The cool headed king of nonchalant. Conor tried his mind games on Nate Diaz and was slapped with a cold and firm “I Don’t Give a Fuck!” A¬†quintessential Nate Diaz line that Conor McGregor had no come back to.

It turned out that Conor also lost that fight to Nate. At UFC 196, Nate Diaz became the first to defeat Conor in the UFC. Conor went home and learned from this face off with Nate. Not only in the ring but on cameras as well. At UFC 202, Conor defeated Nate Diaz. Honestly it’s not that difficult to defeat Nate Diaz. Many have done it before and many will do it again. But what was remarkable was how Conor took and adapted the Diaz brother type of smack talk.

He took Nate Diaz’s “I Don’t Give a Fuck!” and made it his own. Conor started using the term himself during the press campaign leading up to their second fight. He then used another version “Who the Fook is that guy!” on Jeremy Stephens during the press conferences leading up to UFC 205.

And now, fight fans have the “Fook You, You Fookin Fook” Conor McGregor Fan Shirt. Brash with an Irish accent, just like the champion himself.