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from @kailincurran instagram

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I’m always intrigued by and sometimes try to imitate (however unsuccessfully) the balance between rugged and gentle. Cody Garbrandt’s neck tattoos peeking out from the top of his tailored suits. The mild and gentle nature of a trained killer in GSP. Felice Herrig’s fighter athletic body under her elegant and stylish gowns. An attractive combination of elegance and violence. Now we have one more to add to the list. I noted Kailin Curran recently sporting a Daniel Wellington watch from the Classic Petite line on her instagram.

Although it does seem that Kailin’s MMA career isn’t doing that well since she is currently on a two fight losing streak with losses against Felice Herrig, Alex Chambers, and Paige VanZant. It doesn’t deny that Kailin is a tough and ferocious trained killer. For someone who started out as a high school wrestler and dove into a professional MMA career after a couple of kickboxing classes. I’d say she’s doing pretty well, especially as she’s currently fighting in the top MMA promotion in the world.

The specific watch that Kailin is wearing looks to be the Classic Petite Black Sterling 32 mm. However upon browsing the Daniel Wellington website and Amazon, it looks like they have a good range of watches for both men and women. Their minimalistic design and their affordable price range makes the watches quite appealing to me.

To be perfectly honest, I have an extremely limited knowledge of watches. Meaning that I’m not too familiar with brands outside of the usual Rolex, Tag Heuer, Cartier, and Patek Philippes of the world. I have never heard of Daniel Wellington watches before but I’m starting to consider one of them. And oh by the way, you know what makes them more appealing? Kailin Curran, MMA fighter from Ewa Beach, Hawaii, wears them.

BUY on AMZN: Starting at $60