Dillon Danis D&G Leopard and Pineapples Shirt

Dillon Danis D&G Leopard and Pineapples Shirt

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BUY shirt at D&G: $297
BUY shoes at VERSACE: $675

Dillon Danis back as the most fashionable BJJ practitioner in his private jet. Rocking the D&G leopard and pineapple shirt. He also has a brilliant pair of Versace white deer skin shoes on.

Many members of the fight world find Dillon’s attitude to be annoying and disrespectful. But you can’t blame how it’s working and drawing attention. Taking a page right out of Conor’s book of success, Dillon Danis is definitely making a name for himself. With the noise he is making, he can leverage this popularity to negotiate for bigger contracts and even PPV points in the future.

The entire fight world is eager for Dillon Danis to enter the Bellator cage. Whether they are eager to see him prove himself as an MMA fighter. Or whether they are eager to see him get his ass kicked. People are going to tune in to watch and will vote for him with their PPV buys.

I would have thought that a loss to Jake Shields in Chael Sonnen’s Submission Under Ground 4 would have calmed him down. But it seems that he is back on his blazing trail of shit talking and media blasting.

On a past interview with Ariel Helwani, Dillon Danis promised to start training for MMA by the end of this year. After he finishes everyone in the ADCC tournament. Personally, I can’t wait to see his brash attitude in the cage. I can’t wait to see who Bellator is going to pit him against. In the mean time, we can admire his Conor McGregor-esque taste in clothes. D&G Leopard and Pineapples shirt and White Deer Skin Versaces on a private jet heading to Vegas. Yikes or Yum?


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