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Dr. Dabber Hoody: $49.95

Nick Diaz wearing a Dr Dabber Black Camo Hoody. Nick Diaz is one of my favourite fighters. I enjoy his hardcore attitude combined with his stockton slap style of striking. To me, Nick Diaz represents the early days of MMA. When there was little money in fighting and it was more a lifestyle than it was a business about money fights and super fights. His fights against Robbie Lawler, Paul Daley, and Marius Zaromskis are my favourite. His rivalry against KJ Noons and Frank Shamrock were iconic. He’s a legend in the fight world and his style deserves respect and admiration.

Over the years, Nick Diaz and his little brother Nate have not only gained a reputation as warriors in the cage, but also as habitual users of herbal products. In that regard, what fighter is better as a spokesperson for Dr Dabber than the Diaz brothers. Dr Dabber produces vaporizers that are purpose-built essential oil vaporizing tools. They are vape users making vape pens for the vape market! Their vape pens utilize a low heat, high resistance Titanium Technology which seeks to gently heat the coils to the ideal temperature. Other vape pens might race to the highest temperature possible in the shortest time possible, consequently burning or distorting the flavor and efficacy of your essential oil product.

I’m a bit of a noob when it comes to vaporizers. I’ve owned and used one before but never graduated past the beginner models. My interest in Dr Dabber however is more through Nick Diaz and living the “middle finger to the law” attitude he brings to the cage. He might be the nicest, chillest, sweetest guy outside the cage, but that just makes me like him even more.

The Dr Dabber Black Camo Hoody is also extremely soft and comfortable and has a slim fit cut. Fighter fashion for the everyday fight fan.

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