Joanna Jedrzejczyk Shirt With Eagle Crest

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Joanna Jedrzejczyk is one the most ferocious fighters in womens MMA history. She spent the first part of her fighting career in Muay Thai where she was a multiple time champion. She has taken her impeccable technique and aggressive style to the UFC and dominated the MMA world.

Fighting in the 115 pound division means that she is one of the smallest people fighting in the UFC. Despite her small frame, she has a monstrous amount of violence ready to be unleashed on her opponents.

Joanna Jedrzejczyk took the womens MMA world by storm when she fought Claudia Gadelha for the first time. Claudia was known as a heavy hitter with phenomenal BJJ credentials. After weathering an early knock down, Joanna took to her Muay Thai roots and slowly picked Claudia apart. It was a close fight and Joanna barely squeezed out a decision victory.

The fight against Claudia Gadelha was perhaps one of the most challenging performances in Joanna’s career, Joanna got the win and went on to completely dominate Carla Esparza. Carla was the current UFC Strawweight champion after winning the seasons of The Ultimate Fighter that was devoted to the women’s Strawweight division. Carla came out of the show on top and was widely considered the best female fighter in the weight class.

That night when Carla got in the ring with Joanna, the fight world clearly saw the gap in abilities. In a somewhat gruesome and borderline uncomfortable to watch fight, Joanna applied her methodical and vicious striking to win the UFC Womens’ Strawweight Championship.

Since then, Joanna has blown up the world of Women’s MMA. She has defended her belt 5 times. The most recent defence came against another skilled and dangerous opponent in Jessica Andrade. In addition to her awesome feats in the cage, Joanna has also let her personality shine through in interviews and on instagram. Her fun and charismatic taste in fashion and her adoration for Disney paint a warm and cuddly person you wouldn’t mind hanging out with on the weekends.

This Joanna¬†Jedrzejczyk shirt with an eagle crest on it is perfect for Joanna fans and supporters. Joanna is from Poland. An area of the world where people are known to be hardened by war and history. Her work ethic, her toughness and her determination make her a dangerous killer in the cage. These personalities are partially forged from the Polish mindset. This shirt highlights the connection with Poland. The color red connects with the Polish flag. The Eagle is Poland’s national bird. And the crest is the Polish coat of arms. When fans wear the shirt, they are showing their support for Joanna with a nation behind them.