Nate Diaz wearing the Mark Hunt Juggernaut Tee Shirt

nate diaz mark hunt juggernaut tee shirt

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Nate Diaz shown here with long time boxing coach Richard Perez. It so happened to be Richard’s birthday when they took the picture. Awesome to see Nate Diaz rocking the Mark Hunt Juggernaut tee shirt. Mark Hunt’s line of clothing coming out with an interesting and well designed logo. Mark Hunt may hate started the brotherly love with him rocking the Nate Diaz Represent Ltd shirt, and Nate Diaz is here returning the affection. Awwww.

Since his loss to Conor McGregor, Nate Diaz has been keeping a relatively low profile. The fight world has been wondering where him and his brother Nick Diaz are as fans are clamouring for a Diaz brother to enter the octagon again!

On a special edition of the MMA Hour, Nate Diaz did a 1 hour interview with Ariel Helwani where he shared his thoughts and feelings about fighter and the state of the UFC Lightweight division. The full interview can be seen below.

As a long time Diaz Brothers fan, I’m happy to hear that they are now well paid, well fed, and well appreciated. They have the money and the means to do what ever they want. Whether it’s fighting, racing in Triathalons, or starting and supporting new brands. The Diaz Brothers previously relied on fighting to make ends meet. Now that they have both fought in super fights (Nick with the championship fight against GSP and super fight against Anderson Silva. Nate with the two fights against Conor McGregor) they have achieved money-fight status.

Ariel Helwani expressed that fans are eager to see Nate back in the ring against a top lightweight contender. Whether it is Khabib Nermagomedov or Tony Ferguson, the fight world is hoping to see Nate back soon. However Nate has other plans. He shows expert insight into the fight game and expresses how the fights could be fixed or stacked against him. Seeing that most of the fighters share the same management, whereas he represents himself. There is an element of distrust and perhaps even some disgust for the way the industry is and the direction it is headed.

Even though Nate may not show a lot of faith in MMA today. He is still open to a money-making fight to the magnitude of Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather. And to be honest, there could be something to that. Given that the great Andre Ward has trained with the Diaz Brothers and sung their praises in boxing. A fight between Nate and a boxer could be a legit boxing match rather than a boxer vs MMA fighter match.

In the mean time, Nate has been busy with racing and growing his brand with side businesses. Including the Represented Ltd. line of clothing that look pretty legit. Here in the picture, Nate is helping support his Super Samoan brother Mark Hunt by rocking the Mark Hunt Juggernaut Tee. Mark Hunt’s going to need the support with his fight against the up and coming Derrick “The Beast” Lewis.


Mark Hunt Juggernaut Tee - Shuriken Black

Mark Hunt Juggernaut Tee – Shuriken Black