Mark Hunt wearing the Nate Diaz Represent Ltd. line of shirts

mark hunt nate diaz represent shirt

from @markhuntfighter instagram


Two of the greatest fighters to have ever entered the ring. Mark Hunt and Nate Diaz. Awesome to see Mark Hunt rocking the Nate Diaz Represent Ltd. line of shirts. The Super Samoan showing support all the way from New Zealand for his fellow accomplished lightweight brother from the 209.

For fight fans who have just recently started following MMA. It is likely they would be surprised by the long and incredible career Mark Hunt has in fighting. A large stocky Samoan from New Zealand who knew he was born to do nothing else but fight. Making his name in K1 in Australia first, he had incredible battles against the best kick boxers of all time like Ernesto Hoost and Jerome Le Banner.

It was the Ray Sefo fight in K1 where the two slugged it out that rocketed Mark Hunt into the hearts of adoring fans. Having fights against the who’s who of the kickboxing world. It seemed incredible that a fighter shaped like Mark Hunt would ever have any success. At least it surprised me. Almost always having a reach disadvantage and always seeming to be the slower and clumsier fighter in the ring.

In 2004, Mark Hunt made a transition from kickboxing to Pride. He debuted on the 2004 Pride Critical Countdown event. This was the same event where Fedor Emelianenko got dumped on his head by Kevin “The Monster” Randelman, and for a split second, the world thought Fedor was dead. This was also the event where Rampage Jackson defeated Ricardo Arona via slam!

Unfortunately Mark Hunt lost his MMA debut. In fact he experienced a relatively rocky MMA career losing fights to Josh Barnett, Fedor Emelianenko, Alistair Overeem, and Gegard Mousasi. The highlights of his Pride career are probably the split decision wins over Wanderlei Silva and CroCop. To a certain extent, Mark Hunt was more of a sideshow attraction to the Japanese drive world of Pride. The Japanese were fascinated with larger than life characters like Bob Sapp, Rampage Jackson, and Mark Hunt.

When the UFC bought Pride, many legends joined the UFC roster. Mark Hunt may not have achieved what he was looking for in fighting, but he was in the UFC as well. Perhaps a little late in his career, but Mark Hunt found his stride and his winning ticket. He was finally able to find a home for his powerful fists. In the UFC he quickly earned a name for himself as the Walk Away KO Artist. With KO wins over Cheick Kongo and Stephan Struve, Mark Hunt placed himself high on the Heavyweight rankings. He even broke Stephan Struve’s jaw with that punch!

Mark has a KO punch that’s his money maker. Especially in a world and in a division where KOs are the only thing that matter. Mark definitely seems to be a super human in that his career and his body have lasted this long such that he can continue to KO his opponents.

Either way it is incredibly heart warming to see two fighters who have earned their stripes support each other. Mark Hunt wearing the Nate Diaz Represent Ltd. Shirt to rally behind Nate. Perhaps in Nate’s battle with the UFC for a money fight and a money pay day. Ride on Mark Hunt, ride on you incredible Super Samoan!