Nate Diaz and Yancy Medeiros RVCA Shirts

nate diaz and yancy medeiros rvca shirts

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Nate’s shirt on AMZN: $37.00

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Nate Diaz and Yancy Medeiros RVCA Shirts. Nate and Yancy are two of the most terrifying fighters in the UFC. Both train out of Cesare Gracie’s gym and belong to a team of absolute killers like Gilbert Melendez, Jake Shields, and of course Nick Diaz.

Both fighters are sponsored by RVCA and here they are rocking some of their subtle and stylish shirts. Although these shirts are easily found on Amazon, I’m not sure I can make these shirts look as cool and confident as these two.

Although Nate hasn’t fought since his second fight against Conor McGregor, his legacy lives on as one of the most entertaining and exciting fighters in the UFC. His hardcore attitude paired with his technical skill make him a formidable opponent. He is one half of the famous Diaz brother duo. With his brother Nick, he has built a reputation as a true warrior who isn’t afraid to fight anyone.

Yancy Medeiros has been in the MMA game for a while too. Unfortunately he hasn’t had his breakout moment until recently at UFC 212. His win against the dangerous and explosive Erik Silva rockets him up in the lightweight rankings. Originally from Wai’anae Hawaii, he shares the same home town as current UFC Featherweight Champion Max Holloway. Seen above, Yancy is rocking an Aloha RVCA shirt, representing his home state and living the warrior spirit.

I’m personally looking forward to Yancy’s next fight. His 2nd round TKO win over Erik Silva didn’t really come as a surprise. Especially as Erik Silva’s performance has been a little inconsistent lately. However it does show Yancy’s abilities and potential. This win shows that Yancy is ready for the next level of talent. I’m hoping he gets paired against a top 10 fighter to test him and to build him up to be a contender.

RVCA is a popular brand in the world of MMA. They have a tight relationship not only with Nate Diaz and Yancy Medeiros, but also show their support for other fighters like BJ Penn, Michael Bisping, Vitor Belfort, and striking coach Jason Parillo.

We might not look as tough and terrifying as Nate and Yancy here, but I’m showing my support for these two lightweight killers.

Nate Diaz and Yancy Medeiros RVCA shirts