Own a pair of Official UFC Fight Gloves

Official UFC Fight Gloves

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The UFC started out as a no-holds barred tournament. Pitting the very best fighters from around the world against each other. The aim was to find out which was the best style of martial art and who was the Ultimate Fighter. Fighters joined the tournament and came from around the world to put their art to the test. In the beginning there were no UFC Fight Gloves. Fighters had a choice of wearing fight gloves or not. Submission fighters like Ken Shamrock and Royce Gracie didn’t wear gloves. Karate guys like Gerard Gordeau didn’t either. We even had Art Jimmerson who famously wore only one boxing glove on the left hand.

In 1996, the sport changed forever. Senator John McCain started his crusade against MMA and called it “human cock fighting”. In response to Senator John McCain, the UFC started implementing rules to legitimise the sport. The UFC started having rounds with time limits, judges, and weight classes. One of these rules gave us the iconic yet controversial UFC Fight Gloves. A 4 ounce glove with padding to protect the hand. It also had open fingers that still allowed fighters to grab and grapple. These UFC Fight Gloves stayed true to the spirit of the UFC while offering fighters more protection and the sport more legitimacy.

A fighters most valuable assets are their hands. These are the weapons they bring into the octagon. The weapons they use to punch, grapple, knock out, or tap out an opponent. To protect their hands, they use the official 4 ounce UFC Fight Gloves.

As an MMA Fighter, these make the perfect addition to your fists of fury. Put them on and channel the power and the discipline of your favourite fighter. Whether it’s Brock Lesnar, Conor McGregor, Ronda Rousey, or Jon Jones. These are the gloves these champions live and die by.

For the MMA Fan, these represent both your civil exterior and the warrior inside. Hang them up as decoration or wear them while you’re watching the fights. It takes an educated mind to appreciate the finer art of the fight. Having a pair of these Official UFC Fight Gloves brings us one step closer to the fighters we love and respect.

A perfect gift for the MMA Fighter or the MMA Fan. An opportunity to not only be part of the fight on fight night, but also to be part of UFC history. Official UFC Fight Gloves are made of genuine leather and come in small, medium, and large.

BUY on AMZN: $67.95

UFC Official Fight Glove – Large