Jorina Baars – Red Bellator Baseball Hat

red bellator baseball hat

from @jojorinab

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2017 is the year Bellator has a chance to build it’s brand and position in the MMA industry. UFC Fighters are becoming more and more dissatisfied with the fights they are being offered. Especially in the Middleweight division.

This is the perfect opportunity for Bellator to step in and provide fighters and fight fans with their offering. With a growing welterweight division and a relatively good light heavyweight division, Bellator has the opportunity to put on some exciting and drama-free fights.

What’s even more exciting about Bellator is its offering isn’t limited to MMA. Bellator KickBoxing is an incredible platform that brings incredible shows. With ferocious and talented fighters like Rico Verhoeven, Giorgio Petrosyan, Simon Marcus, and Jorina Baars. Watching these fighters is a convincing argument for the beauty and excitement of kickboxing!

Jorina Baars is a champion kickboxer from The Netherlands. She is arguably one of the best kickboxers in female kickboxing history. She first came into my horizon with her fight against Cyborg Justino at Lion Fight 14. Although Cyborg took the fight last minute. Those of us who are more familiar with MMA were looking forward to a one sided beating. Except we all expected the beating to come from Cyborg, not from Jorina.

Since then, I’ve done a little research on Jorina and started to improve my education on kickboxing. I’ve come to appreciate the fantastically graceful yet vicious style of Jorina Baars. She leverages her long legs to keep fighters at bay and launches lighting fast kicks her opponents never see coming.  I am excited that Jorina is now on Bellator KickBoxing and the world will have better access to her fights. I can’t wait for her next performance.

With the kickboxing division, Bellator is not only trying to capture a wider audience. Bellator is also showing it’s commitment to contact sports. It’s commitment to fighting. Not only MMA but kickboxing as well. This devotion to fighting appeals to the loyal fight fan in me. It’s comforting to know that Bellator isn’t just another promotion, Bellator is a fight fan like me.

The Red Bellator Baseball Hat is fitted and comes in two sizes. S/M and L/XL. It is puff embroidered in the front with “Bellator” in an old school classic baseball script. On the left side, there is a embroidery of “Est. MMVIII” indicating and remembering the year Bellator was founded by infamous Bjorn Rebney, 2008.