Ali Words Live on with Anthony Rumble Johnson

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Anthony Rumble Johnson announcing his retirement in the cage immediately following his loss to Daniel Cormier at UFC210. The term Rumble Young Man Rumble was made famous by the boxing legend Muhammad Ali. The words live on with Anthony Rumble Johnson as a true MMA warrior. Anthony wore the Roots of Fight Rumble Young Man Rumble shirt during the 4th episode of the UFC 210 embedded series. However the shirt carries a richer meaning now given Rumbles announced retirement.

In the MMA world, fight fans are used to hearing fighters retire then coming back a year or two later. Whether the words hold true or not, Anthony Johnson has had a shining career in MMA with plenty of ups and downs. Fight fans know of the early Anthony as a powerful knockout artist in the UFC Welterweight division. He burst on to the scene with a KO win over the powerful Tommy Speer. Although we see that Anthony Johnson’s record shows he has wins over significant welterweight fighters like Luigi Fioravanti, Charlie Brenneman, and Dan Hardy. Anthony Johnson’s real battle started with the weight cut. An oversized welterweight, Anthony Johnson was known to walk around at 200+ pounds while not in training camp. That was a bigger cut than any other welterweight had to make.

When Anthony lost to Vitor Belfort in 2012, he was released from the UFC. Although the release from the world’s premiere MMA promotion probably isn’t a good thing, Anthony found the silver lining. He took the opportunity to go up to light heavyweight and even competed at heavyweight. He realized that his cut down to Welterweight significantly hindered his performance and proceeded to make the necessary changes. At light heavyweight Anthony dominated at Titan FC. While at World Series of Fighting, Anthony fought at heavyweight and defeated top level fighters like Andre Arlovski and Mike Kyle. With these wins, Anthony Johnson found his way back into the UFC where he found a home in the light heavyweight division. He also continued to find a home for his heavy hands.

Anthony is an exciting fighter to watch. With many of his fights ending with his opponents knocked out on the mat. He is a true fight fan favourite. Unfortunately, the only opponent he can’t finish is Daniel Cormier. Two chances at the belt, both resulting in a loss, Anthony Johnson has decided to hang up his gloves. Not a bad idea for veteran of the sport that has seen it’s ups and downs. Not bad for a man who has a lot of potential ahead of him outside the cage. We look forward to hearing from Anthony Johnson and his plans after retirement. As it was famously put, Rumble Young Man Rumble.