Carlos Condit vs Johny Hendricks, UFC 158, 16 March 2013
Fight of the Night

carlos condit vs johny hendricksAs if the excitement wasn’t enough simply having two of the best welterweight fighters meet. Carlos Condit vs Johny Hendricks will determine who gets the next title shot. And to add another layer of excitement, this fight is the co-main event to George St. Pierre vs Nick Diaz where the championship belt is on the line.

Fight fans know Carlos Condit vs Johny Hendricks is an extremely intriguing match-up. At the same time, we know that any fight with Carlos Condit will be awesomely violent. Pairing him against the man who has made a name for himself by putting opponents to sleep with his “Big Rig” KO punches? Sparks are definitely set to fly.

Johny Hendricks has climbed the UFC ranks starting with TUF winner Amir Sadollah. He broke into the top echelon of the welterweight division with KO punches that sent Jon Fitch and Martin Kampmann flying across the ring. He is now meeting Carlos Condit at UFC 158 t determine who the next title contender is.

In 2013, GSP is still sitting at the top of the UFC welterweight division. However, waiting for their shot at the title are a swarming, hungry, menacing, dangerous group of welterweights that include Tyron Woodley, Rory Macdonald, Nick Diaz, Matt Brown, Robbie Lawler, Johny Hendricks, and Carlos Condit.

Ever since Carlos Condit joined the UFC in 2009 he only fought about once or twice a year. Seeing Carlos in the cage has become something of a treat. Carlos turned pro in 2002 and is considered one of the old school fighters who isn’t afraid of a brutal and gritty brawl. In fact, he lives for it.

Carlos is known to be a crafty fighter with unexpected combinations. He uses his length and reach advantage to execute awkward strikes that are accurate and lethal. He fights like a Diaz brother in that he prefers to grind you down with accurate punches rater than kill you in two strikes. What sets him apart is his patience and willingness to alter his style to his opponent.

Carlos Condit vs Johny Hendricks is like watching a cobra fight a rhino. One is an crafty and deadly fighter while the other could smash you into oblivion before you even knew what hit you. Fight fans enjoy!


Carlos Condit vs Johny Hendricks full fight video