Carlos Condit vs Martin Kampmann II, UFC Fight Night, 28 August 2013
Fight of the Night

carlos condit vs martin kampmann IISurgical precision and devastating combinations. Expect nothing less from one of the greatest welterweight fighters in MMA history. Carlos Condit The Natural Born Killer showing the fight world his talent and his ferocity in this incredible fight against the Danish Kickboxing champion.

Martin Kampmann is one of the toughest fighters to enter the cage. His fights against Thiago Alves, Diego Sanchez, and Jacob Volkmann showed his talent and his killer instinct. Martin Kampmann was known for his kickboxing abilities. He was a Danish Muay Thai champion with multiple TKO victories on his record. However the most dangerous thing about Martin is his underrated grappling game. His opponents would be well aware of his Muay Thai and train to prepare for that. Little did they know that when the fight went to the ground, Martin Kampmann was a deadly killer who could finish the fight with various submissions.

Carlos Condit also made a name for himself as a tough cardio machine that could take as much as he could dish out. A long time veteran of the sport, Carlos Condit proved himself in multiple arenas including Rumble on the Rock, Ring of Fire, and Pancrase. However it wasn’t until he got to the WEC where he had the global platform and wider audience his talents deserved. When the WEC transitioned into the UFC, his first fight in the promotion was against Martin Kampmann. A challenging but suitable welcome for a decorated fighter.

An instant fan favourite match up. Fans knew they were in for a treat when they saw that Carlos Condit vs Martin Kampmann was set up. Two fighters who had deadly accurate striking with extremely high skills in grappling. It was a dream come true. However their first fight turned out to be a highly contested split decision. Begging for the UFC to match them up again.

5 years later, in the twilight of Martin Kampmann’s career. The UFC finally put them back together in the cage. At this point, Martin Kampmann seemed to be toeing the line to retirement. In fact, Carlos Condit vs martin Kampmann II was his swan song fight. Suffering tough losses against Jake Shields and Diego Sanchez, it seemed that Kampmann had one foot out the door. Wins over Jake Ellenberger, Rick Story, and Thiago Alves gave him the courage to continue in the cage. But things never seemed to be the same. The one punch KO from Johny Hendricks that sent Martin flying across the cage seemed to put the final full stop on his career.

Reaching into his bag of lives, Martin Kampmann musters one final hoorah against Carlos Condit. Whether it was time and experience playing a factor or not. Carlos Condit came into the fight well conditioned and well trained. Finding success in the second round, Carlos Condit unleashed a hale storm of deadly precise combinations. Keeping the distance with his jab and finding a home with his right cross. Carlos Condit continued to rain hell on Martin Kampmann. By the end of the third round, Martin’s face was a bloody mess. Martin knew that the only chance he had of winning the fight was on the ground. Yet he couldn’t finish a take down against the wiley vet Carlos Condit.

After Carlos Condit vs Martin Kampmann II, Carlos went on to challenge Robbie Lawler in his second attempt at the welterweight title. One a Fight of the Year performance, Carlos Condit came up short. Carlos Condit may be one of the greatest fighters in MMA to have never won a UFC championship.

A fantastic performance by Carlos Condit against an incredible fighter in Martin Kampmann. Both fighters should be celebrated and this fight of the night performance should be remembered by fight fans all over the world.


Carlos Condit vs Martin Kampmann II full fight video