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Jamie Varner vs Abel Trujillo (Full Fight)

Jamie Varner vs Abel Trujillo, UFC 169, 1 February 2014

jamie varner vs abel trujilloJamie Varner vs Abel Trujillo is a bitter sweet fight between two incredible lightweights. This is an absolutely explosive and shocking fight that will have fight fans and critics watching with eyes and mouths wide open.

Jamie Varner was the former WEC lightweight champion. He was at the top of the sport, at the top of his abilities, and at the top of the world. A series of consecutive losses saw Jamie Varner fall from grace. What makes a warrior is the fight back to the top.

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Jamie Varner – The Warrior

Photo by Dave Mandel for

Photo by Dave Mandel for

THERE IS SOMETHING ABOUT FIGHTING that is so incredibly raw and honest. It exposes the weaker and uglier side of us that we spend so much effort trying to cover up. We try so hard to hide every sign of physical weakness, of losing, of injured pride. And when we see someone that is full of weakness and injury, we shake our heads and call them failures, saying to ourselves, I never want to be like that. But when these characters come back from their lows, when they spend every ounce of power in their being to come back, we can’t help but applaud them, whether they are successful or not.

Jamie Varner was the former lightweight champion of the WEC (World Extreme Cagefighting).

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