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Fedor vs Nogueira III – Trilogy (Full Fight)

Fedor vs Nogueira III, Pride Shockwave 2004, 31 December 2004

fedor vs nogueira IIIFedor vs Nogueira II ended in a no contest due to an accidental headbutt. Both fans and fighters were hugely disappointed. Fedor vs Nogueira III picks up immediately four months later from where we left off. The 2004 Heavyweight Grand Prix Championship is on the line as well as the Pride Heavyweight Championship title. This is the third fight in what is considered one of Pride’s best MMA trilogy rivalries.

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Fedor vs Nogueira II – Trilogy (Full Fight)

Fedor vs Nogueira II, Pride Final Conflict 2004, 15 August 2004

fedor vs nogueiraFedor vs Nogueira II at Pride Final Conflict 2004 was the highly anticipated rematch between Fedor Emelianenko and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira. It is also the second fight in the Fedor vs Nogueira trilogy.

The first fight happened in March 2003 with Fedor Emelianenko upsetting the reigning Pride Heavyweight Champion Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira. Fedor at the time was new to the Pride stage and Pride fans knew him only from his win against Heath Herring. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira was the dominant champion and had proved himself with wins against Gary Goodridge, Mark Coleman, Heath Herring and Dan Henderson. The result of the battle was Fedor winning the Pride Heavyweight Championship. This is the rematch between the two greatest Pride Heavyweights of the time.

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Fedor vs Nogueira I – Trilogy (Full Fight)

Fedor vs Nogueira I, Pride 25, 16 March 2003

fedor vs nogueiraFedor vs Nogueira is one of the best trilogy rivalries in Pride and one of the best rivalries in MMA. In three separate posts, we will be bringing these three fights to fight fans around the world.

Fedor vs Nogueira at Pride 25 is the first of an epic trilogy rivalry between two of the best heavyweights in Pride. This match-up was the most highly anticipated fight at the time. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira was the current Pride Heavyweight Champion and Fedor Emelianenko was the fast rising MMA superstar. What made this fight amazing was the performance of the underdog rising above the expectations of fight fans and fight critics. Fedor vs Noueira was also a phenomenal match-up in styles. Nogueira, a master of triangles and armbars wanted the fight to go to the ground. However this plan would play directly into Fedor’s dangerous ground and pound. It was almost as if both fighters were competing against each other with the strongest tools they possessed.

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