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Cage Gear: Bellator Gear

Jorina Baars – Red Bellator Baseball Hat

red bellator baseball hat

from @jojorinab

BUY on AMZN: $25.00

2017 is the year Bellator has a chance to build it’s brand and position in the MMA industry. UFC Fighters are becoming more and more dissatisfied with the fights they are being offered. Especially in the Middleweight division.

This is the perfect opportunity for Bellator to step in and provide fighters and fight fans with their offering. With a growing welterweight division and a relatively good light heavyweight division, Bellator has the opportunity to put on some exciting and drama-free fights.

What’s even more exciting about Bellator is its offering isn’t limited to MMA. Bellator KickBoxing is an incredible platform that brings incredible shows. With ferocious and talented fighters like Rico Verhoeven, Giorgio Petrosyan, Simon Marcus, and Jorina Baars. Watching these fighters is a convincing argument for the beauty and excitement of kickboxing!

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Cage Gear: Flavor Republic Espresso Blend

TJ Dillashaw Using Flavor Republic Espresso Blend Rub

flavor republic tj dillashaw

from @tjdillashaw instagram

BUY on AMZN: $9.45 (few left in stock) 

Flavor Republic Spice Company is a brand looking to change the face of seasoning. Their commitment is to creating sophisticated and savory seasoning blends for athletes and those whom live a healthy lifestyle. The ingredients they use are fresh and natural. Ingredients are source from Non GMO growers and all blends are MSG free.

TJ Dillashaw recently showing off his bottle of Flavor Republic Espresso Blend. It is an interesting combination of espresso beans complemented with peppers and distinct chillies. It’s low sodium and low glycemic. The rub is also supposed to add a bold and original flavor to all proteins. As we see TJ has done here on what could otherwise be a pretty boring strip.

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Cage Gear: Andre Fili Timeless Thrills Shirt

Andre “Touchy” Fili Timeless Thrills Shirt – Do It For The Thrills Not The Bills

timeless shirts andre fili

from @touchyfili instagram


Timeless Thrills. A brand with it’s roots in Sacramento, founded in 2011. The brand draws inspiration from it’s home town. The sports, the nostalgic nineties, the photography, the tv, the movies, the art, food, coffee.

“Do it for the thrills not the bills” is printed on the back of the shirt Andre Fili is rocking. Speaks to the idea, the spirit, and the culture of Timeless Thrills as well as sacramento. An awesome representative in Andre Fili. Although Andre isn’t from Sacramento, he lives and trains there. He also embodies the spirit well.

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Cage Gear: Nick Diaz Torque Shirt

Nick Diaz Torque Shirt: UFC 183 Walkout Shirt

nick diaz torque shirt

from @nickdiaz209 instagram

BUY on AMZN: $13.78

The Nick Diaz Torque Shirt is Nick’s UFC 183 walkout shirt. 100% cotton, soft distressed print, vintage look and feel.
Making one of the most historic events in the UFC. UFC 183 was when Nick Diaz fought the legendary Anderson Silva. However, in my opinion, the event seemed to turn into another Anderson Silva hoax. Almost turning in to an Anderson Silva vs Demian Maia performance.

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Cage Gear: Eddie Alvarez Fidget Spinner

HSPINNER 360: Eddie Alvarez Fidget Spinner Toy

Eddie Alvarez fidget spinner

from @ealvarezfight instagram

BUY on AMZN: $14.99

Eddie Alvarez is one of the best lightweight fighters to grace the inside of the cage. His achievements and fights in Bellator alone make him a legend in the sport. Some say that it was a little too late in his career before he joined the UFC. Nevertheless, fight fans are treated to amazing fight after fight.

Recently losing his Lightweight Championship belt to Conor McGregor, Eddie Alvarez is looking to get back on the bike with a win against Dustin Poirier. In the mean time, he’s channeling energy with his son’s Fidget Spinner.

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Cage Gear: Chuck Liddell Sleeveless Hoodie

Roots of Fight: Chuck Liddell Sleeveless Hoodie

chuck liddell sleeveless hoodie

from @cody_nolove instagram

BUY on AMZN: $54.95 (while supplies last)

Chuck Liddell was on his way to become an accountant. After graduating from California State Polytechnic University with a degree in accounting, Chuck Liddell was about to embark on his career as a number cruncher and bean counter.

Fortunate for us, he never quit wrestling and never quit karate. Growing up in Santa Barbara, Chuck Liddell developed a passion for boxing, karate, and wrestling. His toughness built from those sport as well as playing high school football.

I often try and imagine Chuck Liddell sitting in his accounting classes. Learning T charts, debits, credits, and how to properly manage a cash flow statement. With his mohawk and skull tattoo, the picture just doesn’t sit quite right.

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Cage Gear: King Mo Venum Hoodie

Venum Contender Sleeveless Hoodie: King Mo Venum Hoodie

king mo venum hoodie

from @kingmofh instagram

BUY on AMZN: $59.99

King Mo was one of the most exciting prospects making the bridge from Strikeforce to the UFC during the acquisition. Coming off a win against Gegard Mousasi and Roger Gracie, the fight world was excited for what the wrestling based fighter could do. Unfortunately, the contract between King Mo and UFC never materialized. Resulting in one of the biggest MMA disappointments as a result of contractual issues.

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Cage Gear: Frank Mir X2X Shirt

Battle X: Frank Mir X2X Shirt

frank mir x2x shirt

from @thefrankmir instagram

BUY at X2X: $9.95 (on sale)

Frank Mir was recently banned from fighting after USADA found banned substances in his lab samples. It still remains unclear what tainted supplement Frank Mir took for the substance to have entered his blood stream. What isn’t helping is that USADA mentions that it could be a tainted supplement Frank Mir took as long as 10 years ago.

10 years ago would have still been during the UFC’s rise in popularity. Before Frank fought Brock Lesnar for the first time. Around the time when Frank was just coming back from his devastating Motorcycle accident.

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Cage Gear: Nick Diaz Black and Gold Shirt

Switch Remarkable: Nick Diaz Black and Gold Shirt

nick diaz black and gold shirt

from @nickdiaz209 instagram

BUY on AMZN: $16.99

Though we haven’t seen Nick Diaz in the cage for a while, it’s always fun to see what he’s up to outside the cage. The reputation that he and his brother have gained as fighters translates to all aspects of how we perceive them. Nick Diaz chilling with a couple of friends wearing the Switch Remarkable black shirt with gold stripes. I probably can’t pull this look off as well as Nick can. Whatever he does, it’s the definition of cool. Or maybe that’s just the fan boy in me talking…

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Cage Gear: Cub Swanson Gear

Killer Cub: Cub Swanson Gear

cub swanson gear

from @virusintl instagram

BUY on VIRUS: $24.00

Cub Swanson is one of my favourite fighters. His creative striking, his gritty fights, and his never die attitude. He’ll land everything from capoeira kicks to spinning back fists. Unfortunately, he couldn’t ever find his footing while in WEC. Now in the UFC, he’s putting a string of wins together and is definitely in position to make another run for the belt.

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