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Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen I and II (Full Fights)

Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen I, UFC 117, 7 August 2010
Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen II, UFC 148, 7 July 2012

anderson silva vs chael sonnenFrom 2006 to 2013, the UFC Middleweight division was dominated by one of the best MMA fighters of all time, Anderson “The Spider” Silva. He surgically and systematically destroyed every single opponent the UFC put in front of him, defending his Middleweight Title 10 successive times. He destroyed Rich Franklin with knees. He rained elbows down on Travis Lutter while having him in a triangle. He choked Dan Henderson out with a rear naked choke. He even danced his way to victory against Demian Maia. It got to a point where Anderson Silva and the Middleweight division started getting boring to watch. Anderson Silva made every single fighter in the division look like they didn’t have the talent and the training to compete.

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Robbie Lawler vs Carlos Condit (Full Fight)

Robbie Lawler vs Carlos Condit, UFC 195, 2 January 2016
Fight of the Night

robbie lawler vs carlos conditI often wonder what makes a good fight. One that is worthy of fight fans appreciation. One that is worthy of fight of the year accolades. There may not be a set list of requirements, but it often involves skilled fighters who are willing to leave it all in the ring. We have just that with Robbie Lawler vs Carlos Condit.

Carlos Condit is a crafty and intelligent fighter who uses awkward angles to execute deadly and insistent combinations. Robbie Lawler is a durable veteran who has the patience and the chin to weather the combinations in order to deliver powerful combinations of his own.

A phenomenal fight that is receiving “fight of the year” for 2016 mentions already. Whether you are a fight fan or not, do not miss Robbie Lawler vs Carlos Condit, scroll to the bottom of this entry for the full fight video.

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Justin Gaethje vs Luis Palomino I & II (Full Fights)

Justin Gaethje vs Luis Palomino I & II, WSOF 19 & WSOF 23, 28 March & 18 September 2015

justin gaethje vs luis palominoTwo of the best and most exhilarating fights in MMA, Justin Gaethje and Luis Palomino put on two fights of a lifetime. MMAJunkie recently recently ranked the WSOF 19 fight as one of the best fights of 2015. Justin and Luis likely took a few years off each others lives with this eye popping, jaw dropping, unbelievable amount of action.

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Robbie Lawler vs Johny Hendricks I & 2 (Full Fights)

Robbie Lawler vs John Hendricks 1 & 2, UFC 171, March 2014 and UFC 181, Dec 2014

robbie lawler vs johny hendricksGeorges St-Pierre ruled the UFC Welterweight division from 2006 to 2013. He spent those 7 years cleaning out the entire division, taking out all the top welterweight fighters the fight world could throw at him. Finally in 2013, when GSP stepped down, the welterweight title was open for the taking.

The timing couldn’t have been better. The viciously competitive world of the UFC welterweight division was swarming with hungry, skilled, and tough fighters. All of them starving to be the next champion. Matt Brown, Rory MacDonald, Tyron Woodley, Carlos Condit, Nick Diaz, Jake Ellenberger. The fight world paid good money to watch any combination of these fighters get in the cage.

From these combinations, fight fans got almost all of them. And the two that came out on top gave us some of the best welterweight fights in MMA history.

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Shogun Rua vs Dan Henderson I & II (Full Fights)

Shogun Rua vs Dan Henderson I &II, November 2011, March 2014
Fight of the Night

Shogun Rua vs Dan HendersonThe anticipation was torturous, the excitement was palpable, the action was legendary. In Shogun Rua vs Dan Henderson I and II, MMA reached a new level of high. A high that is seldom achieved, but when you hit it, oh man, it’s awesome.

The fights are both scheduled for five rounds with Shogun Rua vs Dan Henderson I achieving Fight of the Night and 2011 Fight of the Year. The second fight also won Fight of the Night honours.

Do not blink, do not move, do not alt+tab away. Watch these fights, it’s good for you.


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Dustin Poirier vs Korean Zombie (Full Fight)

Dustin Poirier vs Korean Zombie, UFC on Fuel: Poirier vs Zombie, 15 May 2012

dustin poirier vs korean zombieDustin Poirier vs Korean Zombie was the 2012 Fight of the Year. An absolute all-out war between two MMA warriors. Dustin is known for his crisp, technical striking while the Korean Zombie is known for his flat footed style of walking through punches to get at his opponent.

What makes this fight amazing is the incredible battle on the ground in the second round. Be sure to watch that round for some mind blowing transitions and submission attempts.

Click and scroll to see the full fight video

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Jon Jones vs Alexander Gustafsson (Full Fight)

jon jones vs alexander gustafssonJon Jones vs Alexander Gustafsson honestly wasn’t that great of a fight. Look at most any of the fights that are in the Best of the Best archive on this blog. Any of those could be a better fight. What was intriguing about this fight was that Alexander Gustafsson offered the first real threat to Jon Jones UFC Light Heavyweight title.

It is an action packed five rounds. Jon Jones has his usual unorthodox striking that leverages wrestling base, his long limbs and his reach. Alexander Gustafsson however comes in with outstanding wrestling and a strong boxing background. Gustafsson was able to draw the fight out of Jon Jones and turn this title fight into one of the best Light Heavyweight title fights in UFC history. This fight is recognized as the 2013 Fight of the Year.

(Click and scroll for the full fight video)

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Gilbert Melendez vs Diego Sanchez (Full Fight)

Gilbert Melendez vs Diego Sanchez, UFC 166, 19 October 2013

gilbert melendez vs diego sanchezGilbert Melendez vs Diego Sanchez is one of the most incredible action packed fights of the modern era of MMA. A true testament to MMA action heroes. This fight not only won fight of the night awards, but also won the 2013 fight of the year. Gilbert Melendez vs Diego Sanchez is also considered as one of the greatest MMA fights of all time. This type of fight serves as inspiration to both fighters and fans. Not only is the true heart of these fighters on display, but in order to pull off this type of performance, you must be willing to give your life to the sport, and to leave it all in the cage.

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Clay Guida vs Roger Huerta (Full Fight)

Clay Guida vs Roger Huerta, The Ultimate Fighter Finale: Hughes vs Serra, 8 December 2007

clay guida vs roger huerta

Clay Guida vs Roger Huerta is a beautiful MMA battle between two legendary MMA lightweights. Heavy punches, crisp combinations, powerful take downs, and crafty wrestling. This is a thrilling fight that will leave your jaw hanging.

Going into this fight, fights fans and fight critics said that the wrestling would make the difference between who wins and who loses. It is difficult to say when both Clay Guida and Roger Huerta are outstanding wrestlers who also happen to be phenomenal strikers. This fight also won the 2007 Fight of the Year award from Fight! magazine.

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Chuck Liddell vs Wanderlei Silva (Full Fight)

Chuck Liddell vs Wanderlei Silva, UFC 79, 29 December 2007

chuck liddell vs wanderlei silvaChuck Liddell vs Wanderlei Silva represents rich MMA history and has been in the making since before 2003. In 2003, UFC President Dana White had been trying to match Chuck Liddell vs Wanderlei Silva for ages in what he declared as the best of UFC versus the best of Pride. That year, Dana White and Chuck Liddell traveled to Japan to challenge the best of the best Pride fighters in the 2003 Pride Middleweight Grand Prix. In entering Chuck Liddell into the Middleweight Grand Prix, Chuck Liddell would earn the chance to fight Pride Middleweight Champion Wanderlei Silva. Additionally, Chuck would fight other Pride MMA superstars in the tournament. This would ultimately give Dana White and more importantly, the fight fans an incredible UFC vs Pride tournament. Unfortunately, we never got to see Chuck Liddell vs Wanderlei Silva in 2003 as Chuck Liddell did not make it past the semi-finals against Rampage Jackson.

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