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TJ Dillashaw vs Dominick Cruz (Full Fight)

TJ Dillashaw vs Dominick Cruz, UFC Fight Night, 17 January 2016
Fight of the Night

tj dillashaw vs dominick cruzTJ Dillashaw vs Dominick Cruz is finally here. One of my most highly anticipated fights this year. Two kings of footwork and movement. Both winning their belts and establishing their names in MMA with awkward strikes and unexpected angles. Dominick Cruz, the one that paved the way, versus TJ Dillashaw, the one that learned and improved on.

This is the kind of fight that didn’t just capture my attention, but captured my entire consciousness from beginning to end. I might have even forgot to breath as my brain melted into the screen – that’s how grossly engrossed I became.

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TJ Dillashaw vs Renan Barao 2 (Full Fight)

TJ Dillashaw vs Renan Barao 2, UFC on Fox 16, 25 July 2015

tj dillashaw vs renan barao 2It is surprising to see how far TJ Dillashaw has come since his time on season 14 of The Ultimate Fighter in 2011. At the time, he was a baby-faced wrestler that was determined to be champion. A cute kind of determination that you admired, knowing that there is a high probability he might not do that well.

Little did I know that TJ Dillashaw had two things in his pocket. Two things that no one else has, and few people will ever find. Flow and Renan Barao’s number.

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TJ Dillashaw vs Renan Barao 1 (Full Fight)

TJ Dillashaw vs Renan Barao 1, UFC 173, 24 May 2014
Fight of the Night

tj dillashaw vs renan baraoTJ Dillashaw vs Renan Barao is an instant classic. This is what MMA is all about. Technique and Heart. TJ Dillashaw comes into this fight as one of the biggest underdogs in UFC history. But this night, fight fans around the world witness something special happen inside the cage. There is magic in the air and for five mesmerizing rounds we are swept away by the speed, the accuracy, and the footwork of TJ Dillashaw.

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TJ Dillashaw and the Blurring of Reality

Each individual has one responsibility above all else. It is to find your life pattern. The pattern is not always set out for us. More often than not, it is hidden and we must search for it. But once you find your pattern, you must trust it, believe in it, and forge a path for yourself. You work hard, and if it is the correct path, then your efforts will have more effect than if you were on the wrong path. The pattern, the path, the focus and the belief allow you to blur the lines of reality such that the success and the victory you visualize in your mind will inevitably become an undeniable reality.

At UFC 173, the fight world witnessed a spectacular fight in TJ Dillashaw versus Renan Barao. A spectacular fight is not always easy to come by. Almost like the cultivation of a Brazil Nut Tree, all the elements must be perfectly, immaculately, aligned in order for a spectacular fight to happen. The fighters, the context, the expectation of the audience… Renan Barao and TJ Dillashaw, competing for the UFC Bantamweight Championship in a fight where almost the entire fight world wrote off to be another easy victory for the Champion. That night, that fight, that belt. The elements were aligned and TJ Dillashaw vs Renan Baroa turned out to be a spectacular fight, an apt display of the beauty in MMA.

If you were a fight fan like me, the lustre of the fight will fade slowly and you may end up asking yourself, how did TJ Dillashaw do it? Not to take anything away from TJ, but Renan Barao is a better fighter. On any given Saturday night (except of course 24th May 2014), Renan Barao would win. The difference between the two fighters is that TJ Dillashaw has found his life pattern and has dedicated every ounce of his reality into his victory.

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