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rickson gracie

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An insightful documentary that offers a window into the life and philosophy of the greatest Gracie Jiujitsu fighter of all time.  The documentary captures the utter devotion Rickson has towards BJJ. His life, his mind, his body only seem to be temporary and physical manifestations of a powerful and immortal spirit. The most powerful message is that each of us possesses this spirit. It is up to ourselves to find it, focus on it, and strengthen it.

This Rickson Gracie documentary follows Rickson and two other fighters, Todd Hays and Koichiro Kimura, as they prepare for Vale Tudo Japan 1995. Rickson Gracie is the defending champion. He travels to Japan with his family for the tournament. In this documentary we also see a young  Rockson Gracie and Kron Gracie. The film shows the entire Vale Tudo Championships tournament including an unbelievable performance from Yuki Nakai.

The most interesting aspect of Rickson Gracies training compared to the other fighters is that he not only concentrates on preparing physically, but mentally as well. In an unforgettable scene in Japan, Rickson brings his two sons to a frozen river with a mini waterfall. In an act that would normally turn humans into meat popsicles, Rickson and his sons dive in and embrace the cold water. Rickson describes drawing an incredibly fulfilling energy and strength from the water. A state of zen and understanding of self, and mind-body control that is necessary in leading a fulfilling life.

The Rickson Gracie documentary catches a sliver of Rickson Gracie wisdom in an interview he gives during a training session. Be sure to watch Rickson Gracie’s interview starting at the 6:10 minute mark. A truly inspiring view of Gracie JiuJitsu, martial arts, and perhaps life.

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