Clay Guida vs Roger Huerta, The Ultimate Fighter Finale: Hughes vs Serra, 8 December 2007

clay guida vs roger huerta

Clay Guida vs Roger Huerta is a beautiful MMA battle between two legendary MMA lightweights. Heavy punches, crisp combinations, powerful take downs, and crafty wrestling. This is a thrilling fight that will leave your jaw hanging.

Going into this fight, fights fans and fight critics said that the wrestling would make the difference between who wins and who loses. It is difficult to say when both Clay Guida and Roger Huerta are outstanding wrestlers who also happen to be phenomenal strikers. This fight also won the 2007 Fight of the Year award from Fight! magazine.

Roger Huerta has proven himself to be an incredible lightweight MMA fighter. Previous to joining the UFC, he has fought at many promotions. However what is most outstanding is that he finishes most of his opponents by TKO. Coming into the UFC, Roger was being groomed to be the next lightweight champion and to be the face of the UFC. He didn’t count on having such incredible competition especially in Clay Guida.

Coming into this fight, Roger had a 5-0 UFC record. These fights include a battle with Jason Dent as well as one of the most famous MMA fights in Roger Huerta vs Leonard Garcia.

Clay Guida is a phenomenal fighter. But he has reached a legendary status not simply relying on his technical training and martial art skills. Clay Guida wins fights relying heavily on his heart and his cardio. Clay Guida is powered by his passion and the power of positivity.

Clay Guida vs Roger Huerta is Clay’s fifth fight in the UFC. However similar to Roger, during this short tenure at the UFC, he has already earned two performance of the night honours. Fight fans around the world are in for a treat with Clay Guida vs Roger Huerta.

Clay Guida vs Roger Huerta full fight video

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