Demetrious Johnson vs Ali Bagautinov, UFC 174, 14 June 2014

demetrious johnson vs ali bagautinov

Demetrious Johnson is arguably one of the best pound for pound MMA fighters on the planet. Through his training with Matt Hume, he has evolved into an absolute killing machine.

What makes this fight so incredible to watch is the smooth and automatic movements of Demetrious Johnson. It’s almost as if he has spent countless hours in the gym training, drilling, and preparing every scenario the fight could go. Training to the point where the reactions and the movements are entirely automatic responses drawn from muscle memory. Round four of the fight ends in a scramble between the fighters. However the counters and reactions off each other’s grappling and wrestling is beautiful to watch. Add this training and skill to Demetrious Johnson’s incredible speed. The entire fight Demetrious Johnson is constantly moving and taking advantage of distance. In and out, moving with Ali’s punches, making Ali punch air. Picking him apart with leg kicks and putting Ali in the Thai plum clinch and executing brutal knees. An absolutely beautiful and technical performance from Demetrious.

This fight might have been one of the most frustrating fights for Ali Bagautinov. Ali is an International Master of Sports in Sambo and Pankration. He is a Master of Sports in Freestyle Wrestling and Greco-Roman Wrestling. He was the former Fight Nights Flyweight Champion. Ali Bagautinov is no joke. He is an incredible fighter. Since joining the UFC in September 2013, he has put together a string of wins against Marcos Vinicius, Tim Elliott and the knockout artist John Lineker. With each of these fighters Ali was able to control and dominate. But this night, this fighter, he was the punching bag while Demetrious Johnson put on a clinic.

Sit down, relax, enjoy Demetrious Johnson vs Ali Bagautinov. It is simply beautiful MMA.

Demetrious Johnson vs Ali Bagautinov full video