Dominick Cruz Footwork – Interview with MMA Fighting’s Luke Thomas

dominick cruz footwork

Dominick Cruz has recently been plagued with injuries that have kept him out of the cage since 2011. Before these injuries, Dominick Cruz was the undisputed UFC Bantamweight Champion. He was arguably one of the most dominant champions and best pound for pound fighters. An essential key to his success is a unique style of footwork that we have come to call, Dominick Cruz Footwork.

What is Dominick Cruz Footwork? Watching Dominick Cruz fight, he is constantly moving. Front, back, left, right, angles, pivoting, feinting. All of this footwork is carried out in an unexpected rhythm that his opponent is never able to time. Dominick Cruz moves so much during fights that it gets viewers tired before he is. With this footwork he has beaten bantamweight greats like Urijah Faber, Scott Jorgensen, Brian Bowles and Charlie Valencia. He has a win over top flyweight Joseph Benavidez. He also has a win over current UFC Flyweight Champion Demetrious Johnson.

In this interview, Luke Thomas focuses on asking Dominick Cruz specifically about his “Dominick Cruz Footwork”. Why footwork is so important, when Dominick started focusing on footwork, and who inspires him. Additionally, the interview also shows why footwork could possibly one of the most under utilized weapons in MMA.

Dominick Cruz Footwork is the key to Dominick Cruz being one of the most dominant UFC champions. Other fighters with incredible footwork include Lyoto Machida and Frankie Edgar. Dominick Cruz also breaks the footwork of these fighters down. In the interview Dominick does emphasize the importance of footwork working with the rest of the fighter, not just doing footwork for the sake of doing footwork.

Most recently, we see TJ Dillashaw take a page out of Dominick Cruz Footwork in developing his own footwork. TJ used this footwork as an important tool in defeating Renan Barao to win the UFC Bantamweight Championship (full fight video here).

Listen to the full interview here

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