Dustin Poirier vs Joseph Duffy, UFC 195, 2 January 2016

dustin poirier vs joseph duffyThe long awaited debut of Joseph Duffy into the upper ranks of the UFC Lightweight division pitted him against Dustin Poirier who is making his return to the 155lb division. Joseph Duffy originally promoted himself as the only person in the UFC that has beaten Conor McGregor, and the only person that can beat him again.

Dustin Poirier vs Joseph Duffy was an exciting and bloody battle. An absolutely amazing fight to watch between two crafty, skilled, and tough fighters. In this fight, Dustin also exposed a few weaknesses in Joseph Duffy’s fight game. Joseph may not get that fight with Conor McGregor as soon as he would have liked.

Dustin Poirier is also an exciting fighter to watch. He is always ready to action and will never step away from a brawl. He continues to improve his skills and gets better and better every time we see him in the cage. He has amazing fights against Chan Sung Jung, Akira Corisani, and Jonathan Brookins. He lost his fight against Conor McGregor which perhaps encouraged a little self reflection, contemplation, and improvement.

Dustin returned back to the lightweight division where he may not have to cut as much weight and put his body through so much punishment before a fight. This fight with Joseph Duffy is likely a confirmation fight to really see if Dustin has the “stuff” to compete in one of the most competitive weight divisions in the UFC.

Ever since Conor McGregor came onto the scene with a fantastic series of finishes. Joseph Duffy was identified as the only person that has beaten Conor way back during their Cage Warrior days. Like Chael Sonnen famously said, anything can happen under those Saturday night lights. Even the great Jon Jones and Anderson Silva have a couple of losses on their early records. Doesn’t mean the person who beat them is likely able to repeat the feat.

Nevertheless, a fight between Joseph Duffy and Conor McGregor would have been a great fight to promote. Conor McGregor against one of the only 2 people in the world to have beaten him? Fight fans would have gobbled and slurped that up. Dustin Poirier was likely the test for Joseph Duffy. Conor beat Dustin on his way to the top of the Featherweight division. If Joseph is able to also beat Dustin, him and Conor would share a same victory. The UFC would likely have Joseph fight a few more big name fighters and then promote a revenge fight between Conor and Joseph at Lightweight by the end of 2016 or middle of 2017.

Unfortunately, this fairy tale scenario would not come to fruition. After his loss to Conor, Dustin didnt get lost sulking under theĀ insults and the humiliation, he got back in the gym, improved, made a strategy weight division change, got back into the cage and kicked ass.

An absolutely amazing fight between two tough and skilled fighters. A truly exciting fight to watch.

Dustin Poirier vs Joseph Duffy full fight video