Dustin Poirier vs Korean Zombie, UFC on Fuel: Poirier vs Zombie, 15 May 2012

dustin poirier vs korean zombieDustin Poirier vs Korean Zombie was the 2012 Fight of the Year. An absolute all-out war between two MMA warriors. Dustin is known for his crisp, technical striking while the Korean Zombie is known for his flat footed style of walking through punches to get at his opponent.

What makes this fight amazing is the incredible battle on the ground in the second round. Be sure to watch that round for some mind blowing transitions and submission attempts.

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Chan Sung Jung got is name The Korean Zombie from his style of fighting. With a background in Tae Kwan Do and Hapkido, he is a flat footed striker that will walk through anything to get to his opponent. But once he gets his hands on you, you’re in for a ride.

The Korean Zombie made his debut fighting in the US at WEC 48 against Leonard Garcia. Although he lost that fight via split decision, the fight won Fight of the Night and 2010 Fight of the Year honours. One year later, The Korean Zombie would avenge this loss by submitting Leonard Garcia in the first Twister ever seen in the MMA cage.

Coming into this fight, The Korean Zombie is coming off the Twister win against Leonard Garcia and a 7 second knock out of Mark Hominick. With incredible hype and a booming fan base, Chan Sung Jung has the momentum behind him to reach the top of the Featherweight division.

I have always admired Dustin Poirier’s striking. He is a tall featherweight and is able to leverage his length to execute magnificent yet basic combinations. It doesn’t matter whether Dustin wins or loses, I just like watching him fight because of his crisp and basic striking.

Going into Dustin Poirier vs Korean Zombie, Dustin is riding a five fight win streak that started in the WEC. Coming into the UFC, his first fight was against fellow WEC fighter and dangerous MMA veteran Josh Grispi. Josh Grispi was originally the favourite to become the next featherweight champion but Dustin derailed those dreams with a unanimous decision win.

Dustin Poirier vs Korean Zombie

In Dustin Poirier vs Korean Zombie fight fans expected an all-out war. But most of us expected an all-out stand-up battle. Dustin’s crisp and technical striking versus The Korean Zombie’s style of march in and destroy? A perfect set up for a striking battle.

Unfortunate for those of us expecting a stand-up battle, The Korean Zombie’s game plan became clear in the first round when he decided to eliminate Dustin’s reach and perhaps striking advantage by taking him down twice.

Willing to play this game, Dustin grappled with the Korean Zombie instead of utilizing his reach advantage and picking the Zombie apart from the outside.

This game plan leads the fight into the great second round. Possibly one of the most exciting rounds of MMA. For fight fans who thought ground fighting was boring, this round will force them to re-evaluate their previous misconceptions.

Without giving too much away, please enjoy the fight below.

Dustin Poirier vs Korea Zombie full fight video