UFC on Fox 8 and UFC on Fox 15, July 2013 and April 2015

jacare souza vs chris camozziJacare Souza is arguably the best BJJ practitioner in MMA today. The only fighters that may rival him are Roger Gracie who fights on the One FC promotion (see Roger Gracie vs Jacare Souza in one of BJJ’s most legendary fights), Fabricio Werdum who will be fighting Cain Velasquez for the UFC Heavyweight Championship, and Demian Maia who just beat Ryan LaFlare.

Since turning to professional MMA in 2003, Jacare has consistently improved his striking to show the fight world that he isn’t just a grappling wizard. Victories over Tim Kennedy, Robbie Lawler, Yushin Okami, and Gegard Mousasi prove that he is a UFC Middleweight title contender. And oh by the way, he was also the former Strikeforce Middleweight Champion.

Recently we have seen Jacare Souza paired to fight Chris Camozzi, twice. Both times was due to late replacement of Souza’s original opponent having to pull out of the fight due to injury…or fear…

Jacare Souza vs Chris Camozzi doesn’t give us very exciting or even very relevant MMA, but it is just so awesome to watch what a BJJ super star can do to an average fighter. It is beautiful, it is artistic, it brings tears of admiration to the eyes. Boy I wish I could do something, anything! as well as Jacare does BJJ.

Jacare Souza vs Chris Camozzi I

First off, lets get this straight Chris Camozzi is no chump. In 2010, Chris Camozzi won the preliminary trials to enter Season 11 of The Ultimate Fighter. However due to injuries he sustained in his trial fight, he was forced to withdraw from competition. In 2012 and 2013, Chris built up a 4 fight win-streak for himself and was on the way to be a decent fighter in a relatively dry weight division. For his potential 5th straight win, he decided to step into the cage on late notice against Jacare Souza.

Perhaps it was not a fair match-up. Perhaps the timing and the preparation was not enough. Perhaps it’s because Chris was a brown belt in BJJ at the time and Jacare was…well…is…a BJJ legend.

Once Jacare Souza got Chris to the ground, fight fans knew that it was just a matter of tie until the fight ended. It wasn’t even a possibility that Chris would be ale to defend on the ground, drag out the round, and wait to be saved by the bell. While on the ground, Jacare swiftly passed guards and tried multiple submission attempts. It wasn’t until there was about 1 minute and 37 seconds left in the round when something magical happened.

Jacare on Chris Camozzi’s left side, put his knee on Chris’s belly, transitioned easily into full mount. But wait, the full mount was just a trap. In defending the full mount, Chris Camozzi rolled to his left to try and throw Jacare off balance. Jacare was waiting and counting on exactly that. When Chris rolled to his left, he left his right side exposed which allowed Jacare to slip out of full mount, take Chris’s right side and sink in an arm-triangle. Chris had no chance of defending, in fact, didn’t even see it coming.

Jacare Souza vs Chris Camozzi II

Since losing his fight to Jacare in 2013, Chris’s career took a negative turn. He lost 3 straight and was released by the UFC. In April 2015, he say his opportunity to get back into the UFC and to try and exact revenge. He took the fight against Jacare 6 days before the fight.

Perhaps Chris knew going into the fight that he would lose. Maybe the whole reason he went for the fight was to get back into the UFC, knowing that the UFC would surely compensate him for “saving” the fight card. It really doesn’t matter what his intentions were, it gave us Jacare Souza vs Chris Camozzi II and another chance for the fight world to see Jacare Souza’s amazing BJJ wizardry on display.

1 minute into the first round, Jacare takes Chris down with an easy double. Chris tries to tie him up but it’s hopeless. The fighters are near the cage, Jacare passes Chris’s guard by climbing the cage. Wait sorry, excuse me. JACARE PASSES CHRIS’S GUARD BY CLIMBING THE CAGE! Jacare enters side control. We see the familiar knee on the belly. Faking the full mount. He allows Chris Camozzi to escape from the backdoor. Chris again walks right into the trap. Jacare locks in a spiderweb, transitions into an arm bar, and it is all over.

If that doesn’t get you excited, I don’t know what will. Please enjoy Jacare Souza vs Chris Camozzi I and II below.

Jacare Souza vs Chris Camozzi I full fight video

Jacare Souza vs Chris Camozzi II full fight video