Jose Aldo vs Frankie Edgar II, UFC 200, 9 July 2016

Jose Aldo vs Frankie Edgar IIA highly anticipated fight between two of the best P4P fighters in MMA. But this is not just any normal fight. These are two former champions competing not just with each other, but with themselves. Do they still have it? Do they still have what it takes to make a run for the championship? Do they still have the energy and the drive to train, to grind, to further pursue a career in the cage?

Jose Aldo vs Frankie Edgar II is a fight where we see two of the best fighters battling to solidify their legacy and make another claim for the UFC Featherweight belt.

When Frankie Edgar lost his belt to Benson Henderson, he made the decision to drop to Featherweight. A division where he no longer needs to compete with larger fighters. A division where he can fight at his normal “walk-around” weight. His first fight at Featherweight was a championship fight against the greatest Featherweight fighter in MMA, Jose Aldo. A tough fight but one that the entire fight world wanted to see happen.

Frankie has excellent boxing, leveraging angles, distance, and speed like no other fighter can. Besides that, he has a great wrestling background and awesome cardio. The last time Jose went against a boxing cardio machine was Mark Hominick. We all remember the dangers Jose was in when the later rounds started. A pale looking Jose battling cardio issues while trying to fend of a tip top Hominick.

Frankie posed a lot of danger for Jose and it was a close fight. For Jose Aldo vs Frankie Edgar II, we see a Frankie that is on a five fight win streak. But not just any win streak. Wins against top level fighters including Cub Swanson, BJ Penn, Urijah Faber, Chad Mendes. Some of the most dangerous fighters in the division. His fight against Cub Swanson was a five round battle but we saw a Frankie that shone bright.

Leading up to the fight, Frankie promoted himself as a wiser, better, more improved fighter. And I believe it. He will definitely pose a higher threat to Jose Aldo than Mark Hominick and definitely more than the first Frankie.

Jose Aldo on the other hand has also been doing some improving of his own. He was disgracefully and embarrassingly knocked out by the brash Conor McGregor. A shot to his ego that was probably incredibly difficult to take. However, the fight world knows that Conor beat Jose in the media before he beat Jose in the ring.

Lets not forget, Jose Aldo is from a relatively simple background. He made a successful life for himself doing something that he is good at. But he’s not used to having to do all the media tours and weaving a complicated and emotional trash-talking war into his training regiment.¬†For goodness sakes, we saw Jose try on his first suit just 6 years ago! I’m not saying Jose is a simpleton. I’m just trying to say that Jose might be used to training and fighting and that’s it. Trash-talking and mind games is not his forte, especially when coming up against a master like Conor McGregor.

Jose Aldo has learned a lot about himself during his experience with Conor McGregor. not only in terms of mind games, but also as a fighter. He was undefeated for 8 years, 18 fights. He has disposed of some of the best Featherweight fighters if not all. It is likely Jose got complacent and did not put his heart into training. Thank you Conor for bringing the old Jose back!

The momentum Frankie brings from his previous fights and the redefining of Jose makes Jose Aldo vs Frankie Edgar II that much better of a fight.


Jose Aldo vs Frankie Edgar II full fight video