Junior dos Santos vs Stipe Miocic, UFC on Fox Dos Santos vs MiocicĀ I, 13 Dec 2014
Fight of the Night

junior dos santos vs stipe miocicIt’s no secret, all fight fans love a stand-up battle, especially between heavyweights. In Junior dos Santos vs Stipe Miocic, we have two of the best heavyweight fighters in MMA, both with boxing backgrounds, and both willing to battle to the death.

For a long period of time, the UFC heavyweight division was dominated by Cain Velasquez and Junior dos Santos. They defeated everyone they fought until they met each other in the cage. At the time of their first fight, Cain was the champion. Cain had defeatedĀ half the heavyweight division and then champion Brock Lesnar. Junior earned the contender position after beating the other half of the division. Junior won the first fight and Cain came back to win the second to regain his title and the third to retain it.

Coming off the fights with Cain, we saw a boisterous and child-trapped-in-a-giant’s body like Junior turn into a depressed, embarrassed, and sullen individual. He took about a year off to rest and reevaluate himself. Cain also suffered a number of injuries and required surgery. A result of his gruelling regiment that gives him such skill and stamina in the cage.

During this quiet period of time in the UFC heavyweight division, Stipe Miocic rises as a star. He quietly puts together a string of wins against significant heavyweights likes Roy Nelson, Gabriel Gonzaga, and Fabio Maldonado. He has built a reputation for himself as an athletic fighter with the size and power of a heavyweight but the nimbleness of a welterweight. With an extensive background in sports, Stipe applied his natural athletic abilities towards boxing and now MMA. After this string of wins, Stipe proved that he was ready for the upper echelon of fighters in the heavyweight division. His first fight to welcome him in was Junior dos Santos.

In the fight we see two heavyweights that are eager to fight and never shy away from a bloody battle. Both with a strong background in boxing, fight fans are surely in for a collision between two tough titans.

Junior dos Santos vs Stipe Miocic turned out to be the bloody brawl we were looking for. But it lacked the energy and the pace that Cain spoiled us with. Junior found success with the left hook, landing multiple times on Stipe. Early in the fight, Stipe looked for the take down, hoping to wear Junior out or neutralize his boxing. Junior’s take down defence was too good for this. Junior tried to do the same to Stipe by using the left jab to the body. Stipe found success with the counter right cross. The results show on Junior’s bloodied face. However we should keep in mind that Junior’s ability to look good after taking a punch has significantly decreased after his second fight with Cain. Something might have happened to cause his face tissue to be more fragile, but a couple of light jabs might make Junior’s face look like he has some kind of allergy.

It’s always a delight to watch two heavyweights engage, but I have to admit, the fight got a little slow towards the later rounds. Especially during the third round when it was clear Stipe was running out of gas. Junior looked like he was slowing down as well but at least kept engaging. Either way, a relatively enjoyable fight that is easy to watch and understand.


Junior dos Santos vs Stipe Miocic full fight video