Mana: BJ Penn, a documentary

mana bj penn

Mana: BJ Penn is the new 2014 released documentary on former UFC Lightweight and Welterweight Champion BJ Penn. BJ Penn is one of the best MMA fighters of all time. He brought fight fans around the world and throughout history incredible fights. Fights against Caol Uno, Matt Hughes, George St-Pierre, Sean Sherk, Diego Sanchez, and Jens Pulver. Everytime BJ Penn steps in the ring, he will battle his opponent and leave it all in the octagon. Despite all his achievements, I’ve sometimes viewed BJ Penn’s career as a bit of a tragedy. He had all the talent, all the tools, all the means, and all the opportunities. But I don’t believe that he reached his full potential in MMA.

Mana: BJ Penn is an insightful documentary that reveals more of the BJ Penn story. The documentary not only covers the successes in BJ’s career but also addresses the tougher topics. Tough topics that include his motivation, his cardio, his work ethic. All of these have come into question from fight fans, fight critics, fighters, and even Dana White. The documentary also explains his sudden move to K-1 right when he earned the UFC Welterweight Championship in defeating Matt Hughes.

The other aspect of Mana: BJ Penn that I really enjoy is the interviews with local Hilo residents. To me, BJ Penn has always been a source of inspiration. How he was able to listen to himself, understand who he is, and follow it into a successful MMA career. I always knew BJ Penn was a hero in the MMA world and was one of the original trailblazers for the lightweight and welterweight divisions. However Mana: BJ Penn revealed to me how much of a hero and source of inspiration BJ Penn is to the residents of his home town, Hilo.

No matter how many UFC Countdown shows or UFC Primetime shows you have watched. Even if you have seen the previous BJ Penn documentary “90 Days”. Mana: BJ Penn still brings more insight and more inspiration around one of the last MMA action heroes.

Please enjoy Mana: BJ Penn – 2014 documentary