Marco Polo Reyes vs Dong Hyun Kim, UFC 199, 4 June 2016
Fight of the Night

Marco Polo Reyes vs Dong Hyun KimgA serious contender for the 2016 fight of the year. Marco Polo Reyes vs Dong Hyun Kim is a action packed fight with constant back and forth action. Two ferocious fighters competing to climb the rankings in the UFC Lightweight division.

Dong Hyun Kim, not to be confused with with the UFC veteran “Stun Gun” refers to himself as the “Maestro”. He comes to the UFC with a plethora of experience with about 20 fights under his belt. Finally he makes it on to the global platform that is the UFC and shows the world what he’s made of.

Consistent with his Korean colleagues in Stun Gun Kim and Korean Zombie, Maestro Kim builds on the forming stereotype. That Korean fighters are not only skilled with backgrounds in TaeKwanDo and Judo, they are incredibly tough individuals with absolutely no quit in their system. Korean fighters are making a name for themselves when they keep walking forward, taking punches to give punches. They are an impressive group of athletes, and if you find yourself across the cage from one of them, you know you’re in for a long and tough fight.

Marco Polo Reyes has put together a number of wins to enter the UFC. Both him and Maestro Kim add now flavour and excitement to the Lightweight division. Coming from a Mexican background, he belongs to a cultural class of fighters that have established their toughness and aggressive attitude. From hard hitting and tough grinding fighters like Diego Sanchez and Ricardo Lamas. Macro Polo Reyes represents a fight mentality that is never easily broken.

With these two fighters coming from cultural backgrounds that breed toughness and tenacity. Fight fans can only expect phenomenal fireworks when the two clash.

Marco Polo Reyes vs Dong Hyun Kim shows us that there are two new ferocious fighters coming up in the lightweight division. There is a possibility that they will meet each other again in their climb for the championship. It is very likely that the two fighters will do well. Although they proved a lot in this fight. This fight likely took a couple years off their careers, maybe lives. I’m looking forward to seeing their UFC careers flourish and hope to see them matched up against the upper echelon of the Lightweight division.


Marco Polo Reyes vs Dong Hyun Kim full fight video