Matt Hughes vs Frank Trigg II, UFC 52, 16 April 2005

matt hughes vs frank trigg IIMatt Hughes vs Frank Trigg II is on the greatest UFC fights. Matt Hughes is one of the greatest UFC Welterweight Champions. He is a UFC hall of famer and one of the best MMA fighters in the history of MMA. He first won the UFC Welterweight Championship from Carlos Newton in 2001 with a KO via slam. He defended his belt 5 times and lost it to BJ Penn in 2004. He later won the belt back in his second fight against George St-Pierre. He defended it 2 times before losing the belt to GSP again. In his second time as Champion, his first belt defense was against Frank Trigg in Matt Hughes vs Frank Trigg II.

Matt Hughes vs Frank Trigg II is third in the UFC’s list of ultimate fights. This fight is also recognized as UFC’s number 4 greatest fight by Sports Illustrated, Submission of the Year by and the 2000s, number 6 fight of the decade by YahooSports. An incredibly explosive and action-packed fight. Matt Hughes is nearly knocked out in the first round but survives and comes back to win the fight.

Matt Hughes is known as the incredibly tough and incredibly strong fighter out of Hillsborough, Illinois. He started MMA through wrestling. He was a Class A State wrestling champion and was undefeated in his junior and senior years in high school. In college, Matt Hughes was placed fifth and third in the nation. Matt Hughes is a product of the Pat Miletich Fighting Systems. He has established his legacy in the cage through MMA wars. Fights against BJ Penn, George St-Pierre, Thiago Alves, Josh Koscheck, Matt Serra, Frank Trigg and a front headlock submission of Ricardo Almeida. These fights and especially Matt Hughes vs Frank Trigg II are examples of fights were Matt Hughes demonstrates the heart, the skill, and the uncanny strength that made him famous.

Of the many Matt Hughes MMA rivals, Frank Trigg was perhaps one of the most out spoken and dangerous. In contrast to Matt Hughes’s calm and let-my-fighting-talk demeanor, Frank Trigg was more the trash talking, self-promoter from upstate New York. Similar to Matt, Frank was also a wrestling stand out. He wrestled at the University of Oklahoma, wrestling home to other MMA stars such as Mark Munoz and Johnnie Hendricks. Frank Trigg has an MMA win against Jean-Jacques Machado at Vale Tudo Japan 1998 and was the former WFA Welterweight Champion.

Matt Hughes vs Frank Trigg II is the second fight between Matt Hughes and Frank Trigg. The first fight took place in 2003. Frank Trigg was the WFA Welterweight Champion and crossed over to the UFC to challenges Mat Hughes for the UFC Welterweight Championship. The two wrestlers entered into a tactical grappling match early in the first round. However Frank Trigg was finished by a rear-naked choke while in a standing position, piggy-backing Matt Hughes. Matt Hughes vs Frank Trigg II was also one round long.

Matt Hughes vs Frank Trigg II

Round 1

The fighters come out hoping to establish dominance with their wrestling abilities. Going into the clinch, Matt Hughes receives an accidental groin shot which is not seen by referee Mario Yamasaki. Frank Trigg takes advantage of the situation and lands a good combination knocking Matt Hughes to the mat. Matt lost his legs and Frank Trigg is swarming, trying to end the fight! Matt is still trying to recover but Frank takes the full mount.
Matt is trying to get out of the full mount. Tries arching his hips. He turns and gives Frank Trigg his back. Frank Trigg has Matt Hughes back with two hooks in. Could this be pay-back for the first fight where Matt Hughes ended the fight with a rear-naked choke? Frank Trigg sinks the arm in underneath the chin. He has a deep rear-naked choke. Matt looks like he is in trouble…but no! Matt turns into the choke, Frank Trigg loses the back. Matt drives Frank into the cage, picks him up, carries him to the other side of the cage and slams him down. Matt Hughes lands in mount position and goes into ground and pound mode.
Frank Trigg is trying to escape the mounted position but ends up giving Matt Hughes his back. Hughes puts his hooks in, slips his arm under the chin and cinches the rear-naked choke. Frank taps, Frank taps. Mind you, Just less than 4 minutes ago, Matt Hughes was almost finished with a KO from Frank Trigg.

Matt Hughes vs Frank Trigg II Full Fight Video