matt hughes vs thiago alvesMatt Hughes vs Thiago Alves, UFC 85, 7 June 2008

Matt Hughes vs Thiago Alves is a fight that shows just how incredible a fighter Thiago Alves is. He is close to the perfect balance between power and technique. This was a last minute main event to replace Chuck Liddell vs Rashad Evans. Thiago Alves came in at 174 pounds – 4 pounds over weight. However the fight went on as planned.

Matt Hughes vs Thiago Alves is as awesome a striker vs grappler match up as they come. Thiago hails from the Chute Boxe academy and has outstanding Muay Thai. Matt Hughes comes from a wrestling background and is a product of the Miletich Fighting Systems. In the fight, Matt Hughes looks to take Thiago Alves down, control him, and win the fight on the ground. Thiago Alves on the hand wants to keep the fight standing and pick Matt Hughes apart with leg kicks, knees, and jabs. In the first part of round one, Matt Hughes game plan works. However he didn’t count on Thiago having such incredible hips and high level BJJ. In the second round, Thiago starts off by cutting Matt with a knee and eventually gets one of the biggest wins in his career.

Matt Hughes is widely considered one of the most dominant UFC Welterweight Champions in MMA history. He is going into this fight after losing the Interim UFC Welterweight Championship to George St-Pierre. Matt Hughes has a record of 42-6 but we haven’t seen the end of him in the UFC yet

Thiago Alves on the other hand is a rising star in the UFC welterweight division. He is on an incredible winning streak TKO wins against Karo Parisyan and Chris Lytle (Thiago Alves vs Chris Lytle). With a win against Matt Hughes, Thiago Alves is putting together a strong case for an opportunity to fight George St-Pierre for the UFC Welterweight Championship.

Matt Hughes vs Thiago Alves

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