Max Holloway vs Ricardo Lamas, UFC 199, 4 June 2016
Fight of the Night

max holloway vs ricardo lamasMax Holloway has been on a winning streak, tearing through the featherweight division. Starting with Will Chope and Andre Filli, he is finding his flow, falling into stride and becoming one of the top fighters in the UFC. In this fight, he has the tough fighter Ricardo Lamas in front of him.

An amazing matchup that promises spectacular action for fight fans!

Max Holloway had a little bit of a rocky start to his UFC career. He debuted against Dustin Poirier with a loss. He redeemed himself with a win against potential star Justin Lawrence from TUF fame and tough veteran Leonard Garcia. But cutting his win streak short were Dennis Bermudez and Conor McGregor.

With a new perspective in life, and perhaps receiving “the rub” from Conor, Max is riding a new wave in his MMA career. Every single one of his fights, he shows crisp movement, accurate striking, and smooth combinations. He avoids the takedown and leverages his lengthy frame.

At UFC 199, Max faces Ricardo Lamas. Leading up to the fight, Ricardo Lamas boasted that his wrestling would make the difference. Wrestling takes years of practice to establish and wrestlers have the mental toughness to get the win. Fight fans wouldn’t doubt Ricardo Lamas toughness and skill. He has wins against tough and skilled fighters like James Kraus, Matt Grice, Dennis Bermudez and even the great Cub Swanson. Ricardo also had the opportunity to fight Jose Aldo for the Featherweight Belt. We ain’t talking about no chump here.

It’s difficult to stop a man that has found his flow. Max Holloway has found his flow and has a formula that nobody seems able to beat at the moment. In the first two rounds of Max Hollow vs Ricardo Lamas, he picks Ricardo apart from the outside. It’s such a pleasure watching Max land those quick crisp strikes. Making good use of his length and reach advantage. Not that I have anything against Ricardo Lamas, but there is just some pleasure derived from watching a skilled fighter execute on his abilities.

In the third round, Ricardo should have entered with a do-or-die attitude. He spent the round trying to take Max Holloway to the ground, trying to make use of that powerful and experienced wrestling. Max avoided the takedowns, managed to keep the fight standing and edged out the win. The third round ended with one of the best all out flurries I have ever seen in the cage. I haven’t seen the other UFC 199 fights yet, but this one definitely should have deserved some Fight Of The Night accolades.

Max Holloway vs Ricardo Lamas full fight video