Nate Diaz vs Jim Miller, UFC on Fox: Diaz vs Miller, 5 May 2012

nate diaz vs jim millerThe match-ups just keep getting better in the lightweight division. With fighters like Nate Diaz and Jim Miller, there will never be a dull moment. That’s why Nate Diaz vs Jim Miller is not only a fight fan’s fantasy fight, but also an absolute no-brainer match-up for Joe Silva.

Both Nate Diaz and Jim Miller are Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belts, both have an effective striking game, and both are just plain tough as hell.

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Jim Miller is one of the most tough, exciting, and technically sound fighters in the UFC. He wears a lion tattoo on is chest to signify the tough style of fighting that he brings to the cage each and every time. Since 2009, we have seen Jim Miller fight some of the top lightweights in the UFC.

Since his fight with Mark Bocek, Jim Miller has fought guys like Gleison Tibau, Charles Oliveira, Kamal Shalorus, Benson Henderson, Melvin Guillard. Each and every time he fights, I never think that he will pass the test the UFC throws at him. Each and every time I am proven wrong. Except for Benson Henderson, he was able to defeat each and every one of his opponents. He even got a Submission of the Night win against lighting fast Jiu Jitsu ace Charles Oliveira.

Nate Diaz on the other hand has proven himself a tough fighter inside and outside of the cage. Since winning Season 5 of The Ultimate Fighter, Nate has shown the MMA world exactly what No Intensity, No Victory means.

Coming into this fight, Nate is coming off a Fight of the Night win against Donald Cerrone. In Nate Diaz vs Donald Cerrone we see a brilliant striking battle with Nate Diaz’s Stockton Slap on full display.

Nate Diaz vs Jim Miller will have to be a little different. Jim Miller has the wrestling and the Jiu Jitsu that could offer more a threat to Nate than Donald Cerrone’s Muay Thai heavy approach.

Nate Diaz vs Jim Miller however proves to be an incredibly exciting fight where Jim Miller brings out the best in Nate Diaz. Nate Diaz is able to control the fight using his clinch. He is then able to apply his unique striking game. Once you hear the sound of Pit Pit Pat pillow punches, you know that Nate Diaz is getting to work. 40% – 50% level punches that focus on accuracy and placement rather than power. These are the punches that break fighters down.

Also watch out for the end of the first round where there is an awesome grappling scramble that shows just how well trained and well schooled both of these fighters are in the art of BJJ.

Nate Diaz vs Jim Miller full fight video