I’m not a fan but damned, she’s good.

ronda rousey vs bethe correiaAt this point it has become absolutely cliche to sing praises about Ronda Rousey. Her ability, her skill, her finish streak, the amount of time it takes to dispatch opponents. Even if you didn’t know anything about fighting, you’d know about Ronda Rousey. It is almost unfashionable to talk about how great Ronda is. From the moment she stepped into the cage, she was the embodiment of greatness few fighters or people could ever reach. And that was back in 2011. She is so consistent that she could very well be the greatest ever. But talking about Ronda being the greatest? Ugh. Please. So boring.

If you can’t tell already, I’m not a Ronda Rousey fan. In fact I find her fights annoying. What makes a fight great, what makes a fighter great, is the amount of skill, heart, and passion they show in the cage. Usually MMA legends make it to the Hall of Fame because they battled through bloody wars where both fighters are damaged and tired. One of the fighters possesses the right combination of skill and heart and reaches deep into the pit of his soul and some how finds the shred of light that allows them to emerge the victor. Ronda Rousey fights don’t even last long enough for her to break a sweat.

Usually I think that they should replace Ronda fights with a great potential-war kind of match up. But I was actually looking forward to Ronda Rousey vs Bethe Correia. Ever since Bethe beat both Jessamyn Duke and Shayna Baszler in the end of 2014, she has been using that as a platform for launching herself to a title shot. Given that Jessamyn, Shayna and Ronda became good friends and training partners after their time on The Ultimate Fighter 18 as members of Rousey’s team. Whether or not this actually hit any personal strings with Ronda, it was a good story and got me swept up in it.

The fight itself is nothing short of fantastic – ugh, like every single Ronda Rousey fight is (roll eyes). What makes this fight stand out especially is that Ronda knocked Bethe out. The fight world has been questioning and doubting Ronda’s hands, doubting Ronda’s punching power.

Questions answered, fight was awesome (although short), story finished, watch below.


Ronda Rousey vs Bethe Correia full fight video