Shogun Rua vs Dan Henderson I & II (Full Fights)

Shogun Rua vs Dan Henderson I &II, November 2011, March 2014
Fight of the Night

Shogun Rua vs Dan HendersonThe anticipation was torturous, the excitement was palpable, the action was legendary. In Shogun Rua vs Dan Henderson I and II, MMA reached a new level of high. A high that is seldom achieved, but when you hit it, oh man, it’s awesome.

The fights are both scheduled for five rounds with Shogun Rua vs Dan Henderson I achieving Fight of the Night and 2011 Fight of the Year. The second fight also won Fight of the Night honours.

Do not blink, do not move, do not alt+tab away. Watch these fights, it’s good for you.


Shogun Rua vs Dan Henderson I

Finally fight fans are finally able to see two MMA legends fight. Although both fighters were at Pride at the same time in the same weight division, they never got to fight. This fight is a special treat and arguably coming at the right time in both fighter’s careers.

Going into Shogun Rua vs Dan Henderson I, Dan is coming off the biggest knockout of his career. He had put the Greatest Of All Time Fedor Emelianenko away with his heavy hands in the first round of their Strikeforce match.

With a long and illustrious career in MMA, Dan has built himself into a legend of the sport. He was the Pride Middleweight and Welterweight Champion. He won the Pride Middleweight Championship by being the first person to knockout Wanderlei Silva via punches. Dan Henderson is one of three fighters in the history of MMA that is able to attain championship titles in two weight classes.

His trusty H-Bomb also won him the Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Championship. He knocked-out Renato Babalu Sobral in the first round of their title fight.

Shogun Rua is also a legend of MMA. By the time he was 24, he was the 2005 Pride Middleweight Grand Prix Champion. Two years before Dan Henderson became the champion. Makes me feel a little depressed about my own accomplishments when I was 24. In Pride, Shogun experienced a virtually unbeaten record. His only loss was to Mark Coleman in a strange first round arm break occurrence.

After defeating Alistair Overeem in Pride 33, Shogun moved with all the other Pride legends to the UFC. In 2010, He defeated Lyoto Machida to become the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion. However he soon lost the belt to Jon Jones in 2011.

Since Losing to Jon Jones, Shogun avenged his loss against Forest Griffin. Coming into this fight, Shogun is on a rocky path with a one loss one win pattern.

Shogun Rua vs Dan Henderson II

Shogun Rua vs Dan Henderson I was one of the most epic fights in MMA. Fight fans were dying to see the re-match.

After the first meeting, Dan Henderson lost three consecutive fights against top Light Heavyweights. Shogun continued his volatile pattern with a losses against Alexander Gustafsson and Chael Sonnen sandwiched between wins against Brandon Vera and James Te Huna.

Two and a half years after the first meeting, Shogun Rua vs Dan Henderson II finally happened. Although the fight did not go the five rounds, it lived up to fight fan expectations in being absolutely action packed with thrilling back and forth.

Enjoy the full fight videos below.

Shogun Rua vs Dan Henderson I full fight video

Shogun Rua vs Dan Henderson II full fight video




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