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Cage Gear: Valentina The Bullet Schevchenko Shirt

Valentina The Bullet Schevchenko Shirt

valentina the bulllet schevchenko shirt

from @basruttenmma instagram


In her last three fights, Valentina “The Bullet” Schevchenko has quickly established herself as a force in the UFC women’s Bantamweight division. With wins over former champion Holly Holm and strong competitor Juliana Pena, she earned herself a title shot against the Champion Amanda Nunes.

Before beginning her MMA career, Valentina was an extremely accomplished Muay Thai fighter. A multi-time champion, fighting all over the world and training out of the famous Tiger Muay Thai gym.

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Urijah Faber: MMA is a Business

Urijah Faber is one of the best fighters and best business minds in MMA. He has the foresight to leverage his fame from inside the cage, to growing his fortune outside of it.

Urijah Faber vs Frankie Saenz was likely the most entertaining and intense fight on the UFC194 card. It could have easily won the “fight of the night” honours over Chris Weidman vs Luke Rockhold¬†if the Weidman-Rockhold fight wasn’t a championship fight on the PPV card. During the post-fight press conference, Urijah indicated he would be interested in fighting his former friend TJ Dillashaw or long-time rival Dominic Cruz for the Bantamweight Championship.

But Urijah’s not calling out a championship fight because he wants to be champion. He’s doing it because calling for a title fight means more eyes on Urijah and more advertising for himself and his many businesses. A very wise business man with incredible foresight, Urijah is now¬†fighting to make sure his lucrative business become more successful after his days in the cage are over. And…well…having another championship belt on the wall would make the deal that much better.

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Ronda Rousey vs Holly Holm (Full Fight)

Ronda Rousey vs Holly Holm, UFC 193, 15 November 2015

ronda rousey vs holly holmOn any given Saturday, anything can happen. By now, you would have read or heard or seen Ronda Rousey lose her Bantamweight Title to Holly Holm. To most of the world, it was the most improbable, even impossible outcomes. With her Bronze Olympic medal in Judo, her meteoric rise in MMA, and the UFC marketing machine engineering her fame and glory, Ronda Rousey was invincible.

Most of the fight world, including myself, had their minds filled with Ronda’s magazine covers, movie roles, and fan club. It seemed that we almost forgot about the little fight camp in New Mexico that has two of the best coaches in MMA, quietly churning out supreme fighters.

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TJ Dillashaw and the Blurring of Reality

Each individual has one responsibility above all else. It is to find your life pattern. The pattern is not always set out for us. More often than not, it is hidden and we must search for it. But once you find your pattern, you must trust it, believe in it, and forge a path for yourself. You work hard, and if it is the correct path, then your efforts will have more effect than if you were on the wrong path. The pattern, the path, the focus and the belief allow you to blur the lines of reality such that the success and the victory you visualize in your mind will inevitably become an undeniable reality.

At UFC 173, the fight world witnessed a spectacular fight in TJ Dillashaw versus Renan Barao. A spectacular fight is not always easy to come by. Almost like the cultivation of a Brazil Nut Tree, all the elements must be perfectly, immaculately, aligned in order for a spectacular fight to happen. The fighters, the context, the expectation of the audience… Renan Barao and TJ Dillashaw, competing for the UFC Bantamweight Championship in a fight where almost the entire fight world wrote off to be another easy victory for the Champion. That night, that fight, that belt. The elements were aligned and TJ Dillashaw vs Renan Baroa turned out to be a spectacular fight, an apt display of the beauty in MMA.

If you were a fight fan like me, the lustre of the fight will fade slowly and you may end up asking yourself, how did TJ Dillashaw do it? Not to take anything away from TJ, but Renan Barao is a better fighter. On any given Saturday night (except of course 24th May 2014), Renan Barao would win. The difference between the two fighters is that TJ Dillashaw has found his life pattern and has dedicated every ounce of his reality into his victory.

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