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Robbie Lawler vs Carlos Condit (Full Fight)

Robbie Lawler vs Carlos Condit, UFC 195, 2 January 2016
Fight of the Night

robbie lawler vs carlos conditI often wonder what makes a good fight. One that is worthy of fight fans appreciation. One that is worthy of fight of the year accolades. There may not be a set list of requirements, but it often involves skilled fighters who are willing to leave it all in the ring. We have just that with Robbie Lawler vs Carlos Condit.

Carlos Condit is a crafty and intelligent fighter who uses awkward angles to execute deadly and insistent combinations. Robbie Lawler is a durable veteran who has the patience and the chin to weather the combinations in order to deliver powerful combinations of his own.

A phenomenal fight that is receiving “fight of the year” for 2016 mentions already. Whether you are a fight fan or not, do not miss Robbie Lawler vs Carlos Condit, scroll to the bottom of this entry for the full fight video.

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Dustin Poirier vs Joseph Duffy (Full Fight)

Dustin Poirier vs Joseph Duffy, UFC 195, 2 January 2016

dustin poirier vs joseph duffyThe long awaited debut of Joseph Duffy into the upper ranks of the UFC Lightweight division pitted him against Dustin Poirier who is making his return to the 155lb division. Joseph Duffy originally promoted himself as the only person in the UFC that has beaten Conor McGregor, and the only person that can beat him again.

Dustin Poirier vs Joseph Duffy was an exciting and bloody battle. An absolutely amazing fight to watch between two crafty, skilled, and tough fighters. In this fight, Dustin also exposed a few weaknesses in Joseph Duffy’s fight game. Joseph may not get that fight with Conor McGregor as soon as he would have liked.

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Carlos Condit vs Johny Hendricks (Full Fight)

Carlos Condit vs Johny Hendricks, UFC 158, 16 March 2013
Fight of the Night

carlos condit vs johny hendricksAs if the excitement wasn’t enough simply having two of the best welterweight fighters meet. Carlos Condit vs Johny Hendricks will determine who gets the next title shot. And to add another layer of excitement, this fight is the co-main event to George St. Pierre vs Nick Diaz where the championship belt is on the line.

Fight fans know Carlos Condit vs Johny Hendricks is an extremely intriguing match-up. At the same time, we know that any fight with Carlos Condit will be awesomely violent. Pairing him against the man who has made a name for himself by putting opponents to sleep with his “Big Rig” KO punches? Sparks are definitely set to fly.

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Justin Gaethje vs Luis Palomino I & II (Full Fights)

Justin Gaethje vs Luis Palomino I & II, WSOF 19 & WSOF 23, 28 March & 18 September 2015

justin gaethje vs luis palominoTwo of the best and most exhilarating fights in MMA, Justin Gaethje and Luis Palomino put on two fights of a lifetime. MMAJunkie recently recently ranked the WSOF 19 fight as one of the best fights of 2015. Justin and Luis likely took a few years off each others lives with this eye popping, jaw dropping, unbelievable amount of action.

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Nate Diaz vs Michael Johnson (Full Fight)

Nate Diaz vs Michael Johnson, UFC on Fox 17, 19 December 2015
Fight of the Night

nate diaz vs michael johnsonFinally! The Diaz brothers are back in the cage! With Nick Diaz out serving a 5 year ban for illegal substance use, his brother Nate Diaz steps into the cage for the first time since December 2014. With his signature attitude, his crisp and technical boxing, and his dangerous jiujitsu game, it is always a fight fans treat to watch Nate at work.

Coming into the fight, Nate expressed his excitement for this fight given that he finally has an opponent who is willing to engage him in the cage. A top fighter with wins over solid lightweight competition, Michael Johnson is climbing the ranks for a shot at the title. Absolutely beautiful how Nate Diaz takes Michael apart with a solid jab and continuously landing the brutal and unstoppable one-two punch combination.

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Rose Namajunas vs Paige VanZant (Full Fight)

Rose Namajunas vs Paige VanZant, UFC Fight Night, 10 December 2015

rose namajunas vs paige vanzantSo many times we ask ourselves, “What makes a good fighter?”. Is it an undefeated professional record? Is it awesome technique? Is it incredible knockout power? What about heart, toughness, athleticism, or cardio?

In Rose Namjunas vs Paige VanZant, we have the perfect story and example of technique versus toughness. Both girls are young and new to the fight world. Both are tough fighters from a tough background. Over the short period of being professional fighters, Rose has added technique to her toughness while Paige still only seems like she’s just plain tough.

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Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier (Full Fight)

Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier, UFC 182, 3 January 2015

jon jones vs daniel cormier

After Quinton Rampage Jackson defeated Chuck Liddell at UFC 52 in May 2007, the UFC Light Heavyweight division became one of the most competitive weight classes in the UFC. The Light Heavyweight belt bounced from one tried and true champion to another with each champion holding the position for less than a year.

Rampage Jackson was defeated by Forrest Griffin by leg kicks. Rashad Evans defeated Forrest Griffin via TKO. Lyoto Machida then defeated Rashad Evans via TKO. Finally Shogun Rua defeated Lyoto for the belt on the second try.

Then comes the 23 year old Jon Jones. Coming up the rankings, Jon Jones handily defeated every single Light Heavyweight contender the UFC threw at him. Brandon Vera, Matt Hamill, Vladimir Matyushenko, Ryan Bader…He defeated the beloved MMA super star Shogun Rua to become the Light Heavyweight Champion. As champion Jon Jones put away every single Light Heavyweight champion fight fans grew up with and held as heroes. Rampage Jackson, Lyoto Machida, Rashad Evans, Vitor Belfort. Jon Jones further established his name in MMA history with one of the best fights ever against Alexander Gustafsson.

Its taken me almost 4 years to come to terms and accept Jon Jones as likely, the best Light Heavyweight fighter of all time.

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Joanna Jedrzejczyk vs Valerie Letourneau (Full Fight)

Joanna Jedrzejczyk vs Valerie Letourneau, UFC 193, 15 November 2015

joanna Jedrzejczyk vs valerie letourneauFight fans around the world have come to love and adore Joanna Jedrzejczyk. Not just for her straight talk and her no-bullshit personality. We love her for her aggressive, focused, and unforgiving style in the ring. A true product of hard training and single minded devotion to her craft.

Valerie Letourneau valiantly entered the ring against this menacing Muay Thai fighter and the result was a very competitive fight. Joanna’s aggression and discipline shone through while Valerie proved her tough and unbreaking will.

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Ronda Rousey vs Holly Holm (Full Fight)

Ronda Rousey vs Holly Holm, UFC 193, 15 November 2015

ronda rousey vs holly holmOn any given Saturday, anything can happen. By now, you would have read or heard or seen Ronda Rousey lose her Bantamweight Title to Holly Holm. To most of the world, it was the most improbable, even impossible outcomes. With her Bronze Olympic medal in Judo, her meteoric rise in MMA, and the UFC marketing machine engineering her fame and glory, Ronda Rousey was invincible.

Most of the fight world, including myself, had their minds filled with Ronda’s magazine covers, movie roles, and fan club. It seemed that we almost forgot about the little fight camp in New Mexico that has two of the best coaches in MMA, quietly churning out supreme fighters.

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Daniel Cormier vs Alexander Gustafsson (Full Fight)

Daniel Cormier vs Alexander Gustafsson, UFC 192, 3 October 2015

daniel cormier vs alexander gustafssondaniel cormier vs alexander gustafssonIt’s always worth taking note and documenting those moments in life that change you. Moments in life that define you. Moments that you spend so much time and energy preparing for, and you don’t even see it coming. But when the stars align, at the right time, the right angle, and you are able to identify it and deliver. Those moments come few and far between, but when they do, you will never forget them, for the rest of your life.

Daniel Cormier experienced one of those moments. A life changing and career defining fight that brought him a new found respect for his abilities and perhaps a equal respect and understanding of the limitations of those abilities.  As Daniel Cormier experienced a “high” he has never experienced before that night. Alexander Gustafsson may have understandably reached a new low. However hard he trains, however hard he fights, he can’t seem to fulfill his dreams of gold.

Daniel Cormier vs Alexander Gustafsson was a phenomenal war between two mortal men, testing the physical and mental limitations of their bodies, and taking one step closer to becoming immortal.

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