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Cage Gear: D&G Leopard and Pineapples

Dillon Danis D&G Leopard and Pineapples Shirt

Dillon Danis D&G Leopard and Pineapples Shirt

from @dillondanis instagram

BUY shirt at D&G: $297
BUY shoes at VERSACE: $675

Dillon Danis back as the most fashionable BJJ practitioner in his private jet. Rocking the D&G leopard and pineapple shirt. He also has a brilliant pair of Versace white deer skin shoes on.

Many members of the fight world find Dillon’s attitude to be annoying and disrespectful. But you can’t blame how it’s working and drawing attention. Taking a page right out of Conor’s book of success, Dillon Danis is definitely making a name for himself. With the noise he is making, he can leverage this popularity to negotiate for bigger contracts and even PPV points in the future.

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Cage Gear: Dillon Danis Tiger Jacket

Dillon Danis Tiger Jacket from GUCCI

dillon danis tiger jacket

from @dillondanis instagram

BUY at GUCCI: $1,490

The fast talking, sharp dressing BJJ super star continues to lead the fight world in style. Rocking his GUCCI Bengal Print Windbreaker. Just chillin, like a villain if I might add.

As the BJJ talent continues to prepare for the ADCCs, we are all looking forward to his MMA debut. With his brash attitude, Dillon Danis has garnered his fair share of believers and haters.

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Cage Gear: Spider Man Rash Guard

GSP With Under Armour Super Hero Rash Guard

gsp spider man rash guard

from @danaherjohn instagram


GSP training at Renzo Gracie’s academy in NYC with John Danaher wearing the Under Armour Spider Man Rash Guard. The return of GSP is likely one of the biggest events coming out of MMA this year so far. He has chosen his opponent Michael Bisping, the current UFC Middleweight Champion. Although the date of the fight hasn’t been finalized as of this moment, we keep up to date of GSPs preparation via instagram and social media.

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Jacare Souza vs Yoel Romero (Full Fight)

jacare souza vs yoel romeroFor fight fans, Jacare Souza vs Yoel Romero is just as big of a fight as the ones on the main card of UFC 194. Jacare Souza and Yoel Romero are both legends in their own grappling sport that made the transition to MMA.

Jacare, one of the best BJJ practitioners ever, picked up some striking skills and became a dangerous middleweight fighters. He was the former Strikeforce Middleweight Champion with wins of Tim Kennedy, Robbie Lawler, Yushin Okami, and Francis Carmont.

Yoel Romero is one of the best Freestyle Wrestlers ever and has also made a successful transition to MMA. He has adapted his athleticism to striking and has picked up convincing wins against Tim Kennedy and Lyoto Machida.

Fight fans around the world are eager to find out who will become the next middleweight contender when these two grappling legends meet.

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Cain Velasquez vs Fabricio Werdum (Full Fight)

Make a comeback Cain! Lets get it on! C’mon!

Coming up the ranks, as a contender, and as a champion, Cain Velasquez was able to break every single one of his opponents. His style of fighting combines his unrelenting spirit, his smothering pressure, and his powerful and athletic frame. No matter who he fought, a striker or a wrestler, it seemed that nobody could defeat Cain Velasquez. Until Fabricio Werdum came along and out-struck, out-maneuvered, and out-did the indomitable beast.

Many fighters were picking Cain Velasquez to win. But is it really that big of a mystery why Fabricio Werdum was able to defeat Cain? Now that Fabricio has legitimately defeated Cain Velasquez, has he set the blue print for other fighters to do it too? No matter whether there is a blue print or not, I really hope to see Cain get back in the cage and tear through the heavyweight division once again to get that belt.

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Yoel Romero and Jacare Souza

Yoel Romero and Jacare Souza: Two masters enter the cage in what could have been the most exciting fight on UFC Fox 15.

yoel romero and jacare souzaWords could not describe how disappointed I was to learn of Yoel Romero’s injury and that the fight scheduled between Yoel Romero and Jacare Souza would have to be re-scheduled yet again. Despite the depressing and unavoidable circumstance we find ourselves in, lets take a closer look at these two awesome masters of fighting.

Yoel Romero and Jacare Souza are two fighters worthy of admiration. They have spent their entire lives devoted to mastering one martial art. That type of mastery, that type of devotion, that type of purpose is something I often wish I had in my life.

Coming into the Yoel Romero and Jacare Souza fight on 18th April 2015, lets take a minute to admire how far these grappling champions have come in MMA. Below find Yoel Romero vs Tim Kennedy and Jacare Souza vs Gegard Mousasi II.

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Metamoris 4 Countdown Videos Are Inspirational

metamoris 4To love something so much. You embrace it, you breathe it, you believe it, you become it. Nothing else in this world needs to exist. No other knowledge needs to be known. There is no other path that needs to be walked.

Each day we close our eyes to sleep. Each day we rise and take our first waking breath. And we continue to search. We search for this love, because we know that it exists.

These submission fighting masters who will be competing at Metamoris 4 have found their love. Whether it is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, Judo, or MMA, these fighters have found their reason for life. On the weekend of the 9th of August 2014, they will be showcasing their skills, talents, training, and passion at Metamoris 4.

If you are ever looking for a little inspiration. If you ever find that life has gotten you down and you are lost and simply can’t see the road in front of you. If you can’t find your love, for the time being, borrow some love each of these fighters emanate.  Below are the five count down videos that feature the incredible matches and the incredible passion the world of submission fighting gives us.

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Jose Aldo and Ana Michelle Tavares (Video)

Jose Aldo rolling with Ana Michelle Tavares

jose aldoAwesomely chill video of Jose Aldo and Ana Michelle Tavares covering different drills.

Drill 1. North South Choke from Side Mount

Drill 2. Triangle from Side Mount

Drill 3. Escaping Kimura to land an Arm Bar

Free rolling – catch Jose Aldo Capoeira cartwheel out of an arm-bar!

Jose Aldo is the current and only UFC Featherweight Champion. He has incredible knockout performances against Cub Swanson, Mike Brown, Manny Gamuryan, and Chad Mendes. His record stands at 24-1 with wins over Frankie Edgar, Kenny Florian, Mark Hominick, Urijah Faber, and Jonathan Brookins.

Ana Michelle Tavares is a female MMA fighter that has incredible bouts against Megumi Fujii and Kyoko Takabayashi. Ana Michelle Tavares has not competed in MMA since 2008. However she recently finished 4th place in the 2013 ADCC tournament in the under 60kg category. She defeated Nyjah Easton, a black belt under Lloyd Irvin.

 Watch the full video here

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