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Cage Gear: D&G Leopard and Pineapples

Dillon Danis D&G Leopard and Pineapples Shirt

Dillon Danis D&G Leopard and Pineapples Shirt

from @dillondanis instagram

BUY shirt at D&G: $297
BUY shoes at VERSACE: $675

Dillon Danis back as the most fashionable BJJ practitioner in his private jet. Rocking the D&G leopard and pineapple shirt. He also has a brilliant pair of Versace white deer skin shoes on.

Many members of the fight world find Dillon’s attitude to be annoying and disrespectful. But you can’t blame how it’s working and drawing attention. Taking a page right out of Conor’s book of success, Dillon Danis is definitely making a name for himself. With the noise he is making, he can leverage this popularity to negotiate for bigger contracts and even PPV points in the future.

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Cage Gear: Eddie Alvarez Fidget Spinner

HSPINNER 360: Eddie Alvarez Fidget Spinner Toy

Eddie Alvarez fidget spinner

from @ealvarezfight instagram

BUY on AMZN: $14.99

Eddie Alvarez is one of the best lightweight fighters to grace the inside of the cage. His achievements and fights in Bellator alone make him a legend in the sport. Some say that it was a little too late in his career before he joined the UFC. Nevertheless, fight fans are treated to amazing fight after fight.

Recently losing his Lightweight Championship belt to Conor McGregor, Eddie Alvarez is looking to get back on the bike with a win against Dustin Poirier. In the mean time, he’s channeling energy with his son’s Fidget Spinner.

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Cage Gear: Dillon Danis Tiger Jacket

Dillon Danis Tiger Jacket from GUCCI

dillon danis tiger jacket

from @dillondanis instagram

BUY at GUCCI: $1,490

The fast talking, sharp dressing BJJ super star continues to lead the fight world in style. Rocking his GUCCI Bengal Print Windbreaker. Just chillin, like a villain if I might add.

As the BJJ talent continues to prepare for the ADCCs, we are all looking forward to his MMA debut. With his brash attitude, Dillon Danis has garnered his fair share of believers and haters.

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Cage Gear: Conor McGregor LV Shirt

King of the Cage, King of Style

conor mcgregor lv shirt

from @thenotoriousmma instagram

BUY at LV UK: 915 GBP

Conor McGregor is unofficially the UFC Featherweight and UFC Lightweight Champion. In a short period of time, Conor has become not only one of the most accomplished but the most popular and well paid MMA fighters. With his double championship status, also comes the wardrobe to go with it.

Often we see Conor McGregor riding in Bentleys, wearing tailor made suits, and buying Audemar Piguets. Recently on his instagram, we catch him chilling in his Bentley and rocking the latest season of LV. This Conor McGregor LV Shirt is the LV monogram printed short sleeve shirt from the LV men’s ready to wear line.


Cage Gear: Conor McGregor Fan Shirt

Conor McGregor Fan Shirt: Fook You

BUY on AMZN: $16.99

Within the last few years, Conor McGregor has rocketed himself to become the highest paid and most recognized MMA fighter. At one point he held both the UFC Featherweight title and the UFC Lightweight title. Two of the toughest divisions in MMA. Conor McGregor was able to accomplish this with his special ability to talk smack and actually back it up. Taking a page right out of Chael Sonnen’s playbook, Conor McGregor would use stinging insults and foolish behaviour to win fans. Not to mention getting into his opponents head which is now an essential part of top tier MMA.

Despite Conor’s capable and creative smack talking, he met his match with Nate Diaz. The cool headed king of nonchalant. Conor tried his mind games on Nate Diaz and was slapped with a cold and firm “I Don’t Give a Fuck!” A quintessential Nate Diaz line that Conor McGregor had no come back to.

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Cage Gear: Flowers, Tigers, and Dillon Danis

Dillon Danis Rocking the GUCCI at Bellator 175

dillon danis flowers tiger gucci

from @bellatormma instagram

BUY at GUCCI: $1,280

Dillon Danis wearing the Gucci flower and tiger print silk bowling shirt at Bellator 175. Having just recently signed a deal with Bellator, Dillon Danis is officially entering the world of MMA. The BJJ phenom is a black belt under the great Marcelo Garcia. He has an aggressive style that is attractive to watch and pleases the crowd. Before fully immersing himself into the world of MMA, he will spend the rest of 2017 training and preparing for the ADCC in September 2017. After ADCC he will turn his attention fully to becoming an MMA fighter.

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Nate Diaz vs Conor McGregor I (Full Fight)

Nate Diaz vs Conor McGregor, UFC 196, 5 March 2016

nate diaz vs conor mcgregorThe benefit of having a monopoly-like promotion in the fight world like the UFC is that most if not all the best MMA fighters in the world are under one roof. The UFC has the ability to give us fantastic match-ups that are not only fun for the fans but phenomenal for the sport.

One such special fight is Nate Diaz vs Conor McGregor. Conor one of the promotions fastest rising stars with legitimate skill to back it up. He has cut through the entire featherweight division on a rampage. But now he meets Nate Diaz, one of the fight world’s favourite rebellious sons with a multitude of fight of the night, submission of the night, and knockout of the night bonuses.

Nobody knows who will win the fight, but what is certain is that it’s going to be an awesome fight to watch.

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Dustin Poirier vs Joseph Duffy (Full Fight)

Dustin Poirier vs Joseph Duffy, UFC 195, 2 January 2016

dustin poirier vs joseph duffyThe long awaited debut of Joseph Duffy into the upper ranks of the UFC Lightweight division pitted him against Dustin Poirier who is making his return to the 155lb division. Joseph Duffy originally promoted himself as the only person in the UFC that has beaten Conor McGregor, and the only person that can beat him again.

Dustin Poirier vs Joseph Duffy was an exciting and bloody battle. An absolutely amazing fight to watch between two crafty, skilled, and tough fighters. In this fight, Dustin also exposed a few weaknesses in Joseph Duffy’s fight game. Joseph may not get that fight with Conor McGregor as soon as he would have liked.

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Jose Aldo vs Conor McGregor (Full Fight)

Jose Aldo vs Conor McGregor, UFC 194, 12 December 2015

conor mcgregor vs jose aldoWhether you are a McGregor fan or an Aldo fan. Whether you believe in the hype or not. Whether you are a fight fan or not. Whether you even care about MMA. This was one of the most highly anticipated fights in MMA history.

I am a fan of both fighters and have been following their professional careers. Jose Aldo from when he was in the WEC. McGregor making his way quickly up the UFC ranks. Followed them throughout the world media tour for UFC 189. Found myself dejected and disappointed when Jose had to withdraw due to injury. Followed the stupid UFC 194 embedded series and even found myself getting emotionally invested. Feeling annoyed at McGregor’s taunting game and feeling frustrated for Jose. For as many times as you hear fight fans say, “kick his ass in the cage, shut him up”. I found myself feeling that and hoping Jose would do the same.

What a huge waste of hope and energy.

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Conor McGregor vs Chad Mendes (Full Fight)

Conor McGregor vs Chad Mendes, UFC 189, July 2015

Conor McGregor vs Chad Mendes UFC 189 may have been one of the best cards the UFC has put together in a long time. Every single fight in the main card turned into a bloody war of attrition, testing each fighters commitment to their craft, shaking each fighter to their very core.

The one fight that had me in suspense for the entire duration was Conor McGregor vs Chad Mendes. The suspense was mostly because I was rooting for the underdog, Chad Mendes. Victory was so close yet so far. In the end, it was Conor’s durability and his accurate and powerful striking that won him the UFC Interim Featherweight Championship.

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