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Cage Gear: SUGA Rashad Shirt

JACO SUGA Rashad Shirt

SUGA Rashad Evans shirt

from @sugarashadevans instagram

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Rashad Evans coming out with the SUGA Rashad Shirt. Rashad Evans made his mark on MMA during the most tumultuous time of the UFC Light Heavyweight division. A period of time when the belt changed hands without any successful defences. Rashad Evans earned his title short with a devastating knockout win against the legend Chuck Liddell. He then won the championship from Forrest Griffin.

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Lyoto Machida vs Yoel Romero (Full Fight)

Beating the mastery of Machida. The evolution of Yoel Romero.

lyoto machida vs yoel romeroLyoto Machida vs Yoel Romero was a highly interesting match-up in the middleweight division. The legendary Lyoto Machida against the up-and-coming Yoel Romero. Will Lyoto continue to be a contender? Will Yoel Romero boost himself further up the rankings ladder with a win over a future UFC Hall of Famer?

What we saw in this fight was a spectacular performance from Yoel Romero. He is no longer the wrestling based powerful striker. He has taken his wrestling, his heavy hands, his athleticism, and molded it all together to become a versatile and confident fighter, capable of beating the most allusive fighter at his own game.

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Dominick Cruz Footwork Interview (Full Audio)

Dominick Cruz Footwork – Interview with MMA Fighting’s Luke Thomas

dominick cruz footwork

Dominick Cruz has recently been plagued with injuries that have kept him out of the cage since 2011. Before these injuries, Dominick Cruz was the undisputed UFC Bantamweight Champion. He was arguably one of the most dominant champions and best pound for pound fighters. An essential key to his success is a unique style of footwork that we have come to call, Dominick Cruz Footwork.

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