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Cage Gear: Roy Nelson Pig Shirt

Roy Nelson Pig Shirt: Hog Car Tours

roy nelson pig shirt

from @roynelsonufc instagram

BUY at HOG CAR TOURS: $24.99

At UFC on Fox Kansas City, Roy Nelson lost a decision against Alexander Volkov. Roy Nelson has proved himself in the cage as far as I’m concerned. What caught my eye however was that he was wearing a “I Beat Anorexia” shirt with a cool looking pig on it. The Roy Nelson pig shirt is actually from his Las Vegas tour business, Hog Car Tours.

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Cain Velasquez vs Big Foot Silva 1 and 2 (Full Fights)

Cain Velasquez vs Big Foot Silva 1 and 2, UFC 146, May 2012 and UFC 160, May 2013

cain velasquez vs big foot silvaCain Velasquez vs Big Foot Silva 1 and 2 are both examples of how incredible a fighter Cain Velasquez is. The current UFC Heavyweight Champion is an absolute animal when it comes to conditioning, strength, and technical abilities.

When watching Cain fight, you get that distinct feeling that you are watching a champion. You are watching someone practicing at the very top level of MMA. With a phenomenal wrestling base and a world class MMA team at AKA, Cain has been developed into something that was meant to do nothing but fight.

In Cain Velasquez vs Big Foot Silva 1 and 2, Cain shows us just what a killing machine he is.

(Click and scroll for both full fight videos)

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